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Provided the OP does not do so himself, yes. All necessary information should be in the question itself, making it easier for answerers and readers to understand the issue without wading through possibly long comment chains.


The "add comment" and "show x more comments" buttons were separated today; you're correct about that. The previous version had an "add / show x more comments" all as a single UI element. You can read the Meta Stack Exchange post for all the details, but splitting these into two actions was deliberate. I feel like your concerns are a bit premature at the ...


I usually ask the OP to edit in to their own question so that they learn to do that in future. Or if I edit it in, I will notify them in comments that I have done it and why it should be done. The emphasis I guess is on teaching them that information that is important to the post and future viewers should be in plain site in the main post body.


It was flagged and deleted for being too chatty. For whatever reason, comment flaggers have a habit of cherry-picking when flagging comments — if they thought the comment that they flagged was too chatty, then so were at least a few of those leading up to it. It doesn't help that we don't get an immediate contextual display of comments when looking at ...


This isn't so much an answer as another opinion. I have always thought SO's comment system is pretty bad. I don't want a reply button on every comment, but I'd love a better comment notification system. When someone else posts a comment on an answer I have previously commented on, I would like a notification, even if I wasn't @'d in the comment. It's a ...


I agree: why have different types of separators? They should be consistent with a site's design: MSE's design doesn't use separators, so why does the new comment layout have them? MSE design: MSE comment layout: Fixed: This should definitely be fixed. In the meantime, however, I've created a userscript that implements your suggested change on ...


I've been lead to believe that the functionality for comments has been kept deliberately minimal because comments are an unimportant part of the site. SO tries very hard to not be like a forum. Comments are more like a forum. The developers would probably consider more sophisticated functionality for comments as taking the software in the wrong direction.


Since the rules are complicated I'll answer your specific question directly. When you @name reply to the author of a post, the @name is sometimes stripped off of your comment because the author is always notified of new comments on their post. The specific rule is #10: The first author of the question or answer will always be notified of any new ...


I don't know if this is a good idea as it may look too wordy on what is essentially a "community FAQ" and not a messageboard or a Q&A site. I'm sure there already is a Greasemonkey script, otherwise it wouldn't take much time creating it.

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