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Flag it for removal. Those sorts of comments are nothing but noise. Their timeline is not our own, and it is unlikely to inspire a quicker answer. It's not a constructive comment, so flagging it as "not constructive" might be better than "too chatty", which I've more or less reserved for comments that contain remarks that are discussing something other ...


This question isn't about a programming problem, but it's a legal question about the usage of an API. To quote the help center: Stack Overflow is for professional and enthusiast programmers, people who write code because they love it. We feel the best Stack Overflow questions have a bit of source code in them, but if your question generally covers… ...


If your comment is no longer relevant to the question, then yes, you should delete it. You suggested that OP should add code and a description of the error, which they did. Your comment is no longer necessary. So, yes, you can delete that comment.


This has been added in the latest build (thanks to @m0sa). When adding a comment through a queue, the comment will include a link to the review task. It will look like this:


The magic comment links like [ask] are listed on Meta.SE: http://meta.stackexchange.com/a/94000/159251, but it sounds like you may be thinking of the comments that result from the Low-quality review queue, which you don't have access to yet. You need 2000 rep -- the ability to edit posts -- in order to interact there. (What are the review queues, and how do ...


No, they are left behind and attributed to a generic "user12345"-style user. I know that I've had to sweep through later to find spam comments for a user that we destroyed as a spammer, but who had somehow gathered enough rep before then to post comments. I'm more careful about checking out accounts now if there's a chance of this, and will manually delete ...


The best way to circumvent mob mentality is to simply ask: a) a good question b) a question that fits nicely into the sites guidelines.


Complaints about this particular situation aside, this is a legitimate bug; comments under election nominations are pretty broken. To summarize: Links often don't work properly even when the nomination is still alive. Hence the absence of the permalink in the timestamp that's present on all other comments. Because links don't work properly, flags left ...


That sounds like a perfect fit for the existing Not Constructive reason. Because of this, I don't think we need this new comment flag reason.


I personally would not approve this edit. It may be good information, but it is still putting words into the original author's mouth. He/she may disagree with that comment for some technical reason, and it's not an editor's place to force the OP to include that information. For example, I think that kind of long ternary operator is a bit more difficult to ...


Generally speaking, comments are fleeting things. They are there to request clarification or discuss question or answer relevant things as a part of the process of fleshing out an answer/question and correcting inaccuracies. There is no shame in deleting your own comments if they are no longer relevant. Further, there is no shame or implied wrondoing if ...


This was actually a specific design choice; however, I'm seeing considerable pushback, so I'll disable it for now while we discuss it further. Should be fixed in a few minutes.


Users tend to disagree all the time with each other about what is a good review, a valuable edit, a correct flag, a deserved vote. One of the great things of the community moderation model is the transparency and reversibility of actions. That does come with a pay-off. Now and then your own actions, which are of the highest standards, are scrutinized by ...


Comment is use to talk with one person for clarify some matters which he posted on your Question/Answer. Otherwise Stack users will use comment to call every one. Example In One comment @abdulla @Robert_Harvey @DMaster please check my question as well as we cant tag Mods. Read this as well How do comment @replies work?


Comments have only two sanctioned purposes: to clarify a post, or to ask for clarification. So ask yourself: how would talking to two people at the same time advance these purposes? There are plenty of unsanctioned uses, however. It's just that we don't feel the need to encourage those uses.


The rules are simple - a new question belongs in a new question (topic). Even if the new question is related, it belongs to a new question. StackOverflow is a Q&A site, not a discussion forum. A similar problem is that of the chameleon question, though that pertains to a situation where the OP constantly adds new questions. I couldn't find a reference ...


This issue has been previously reported on MSE, and was (briefly) fixed by applying the unicode-bidi: isolate style on the comment text. Unfortunately, it seems that this change triggered a bug in Safari and was reverted. An alternative solution would be to reset the text direction by automatically appending suitable Unicode BiDi control characters to the ...


As general policy, comments asking, "what have you tried" (or the moral equivalent) will be deleted because they're not specific enough. It's typically not helpful to the question author because they don't know what information you're looking for. The mods will be looking for you to tailor the comment to the question, asking for specific pieces of ...

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