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Should I go on and create a new question anyway, maybe adding a link to the other question? Since your question is not identical, that is what you should do. Place extra focus on explaining why that answer isn't good enough and what makes your question different.


Yes, the user is probably notified. Retroactively editing an existing comment to ping a user will usually notify the user. Thanks to Kendra's MSE hunting, the relevant portion of How do comment replies work explains: Can I change who gets notified after the comment is posted? When editing a comment within its limited editing period, if you change ...


That comment was way over the line, and would not be tolerated from anyone on the site. The fact that this came from someone with an account with a female name probably indicates that this isn't gender-related. Abusive users can come from all backgrounds. If you see something like this in the future, flag the comment or the post involved and we'll act on ...


Create a new question explaining clearly (best with your attempts and code samples) what you have trouble with. You can give links to the posts you mention to give context. Please remember to follow guidelines from the help center on asking questions. For example, in this case (because you've mentioned you have "questions") focus on one issue per one post. ...


Such comments could certainly appear on the site, as checking every posted question, answer and comment if it's offensive before it can be posted is not scalable and essentially assumes that most comments are offensive, which is not the case. Therefore if you see such comments, flag them for moderator attention, as they're simply out of line.


The OP (and the person @pinged) will always get notified of comments. Because it's convenient, especially with usernames containing spaces. I don't think utterly removing the "loose" matching is a good idea, as it allows users to skip portions of particularly long usernames. The feature could be improved by making it look for a exact match, first. If an ...


There is a central FAQ on MSE: How do comment @replies work? that explains this in detail, but in short, this is not something you can even do. Only people already involved with a post can be pinged in comments. Comment replies can only notify: The author of the post you are commenting on Anyone that has already commented on the post Anyone that has ...


You can press tab to complete the name, or, click on it.


Using the information from the comment by @Mat and according to this answer you can do the following to match a name with spaces in an @-reference: Spaces are removed from the display names for matching purposes. So to match Peter Smith you may use @pet, @peter, @peters, or @petersmith. The last two are useful if Peter Jones is also participating, who ...


The nickname only shows up when that user commented before you. For example, I can't @ anybody, in a comment on your question, nor can you @Cerbrus (unless you type it manually), until I comment on this post.


I offered a bounty on another persons question and was notified when a comment mentionning my @username was posted link to comment (I hadn't commented before) but I wasn't notified for other comments. I can also see that comment in the responses tab on my profile page.


Since the rules are complicated I'll answer your specific question directly. When you @name reply to the author of a post, the @name is sometimes stripped off of your comment because the author is always notified of new comments on their post. The specific rule is #10: The first author of the question or answer will always be notified of any new ...


You can either click the name with the mouse or hit "tab", as mentioned by ryanyuyu.


It's write that you are trying to "ping" some people (@ user_name). You can only ping one (or two) people on a comment.


The @user reply is there to notify the user that they got a message. The content of the comments are all that really matters to later readers, so following the converstation isn't really that difficult. Whether the conversation as between @A and @B, or @C and @B doesn't really matter.


If you can edit the question into one that does make the question answerable, in the light of the responses to your clarifying questions, then go ahead and do so and feel free to answer the question, once it becomes answerable. If you don't see any way of making the question answerable, flag the post for moderator attention and ask them to close the ...


what would happen if I edit that tag out of the comment, and put in a tag to a different user? The other user will also get a notification. Richard Tingle did a little experiment and reported the observations on MSE as follows: If at any point @yourname was in a comment you will get a notification in your inbox. But you will only get a red(1) ...


You cannot refer to users in the body of questions or answers. This is by design. Comments are the only things that are supposed to be directed at individual people. If, when asking a question or posting an answer, you need to refer to an existing post to provide context, you should do so by linking to it. For example: In [Cody Gray's answer ...


No. A comment notifications are limited to the OP, anyone that already commented, if there is a bounty, the bounty placer, if the post is closed by a community moderator, the moderator, and anyone that has edited the post. See How do comment @replies work? for the full details.

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