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First off, the other question is from 2011. That's not the wild days of 2008, but its still far enough back that the standards have evolved since then. Basically, don't use an old post being upvoted as evidence that similar questions are good today. To answer the titular question, yes you should absolutely show code that has expected usage, any attempts you ...


That older question you linked is from 2011. Standards have changed, since then. If that exact same question were to be posted today, it would receive the same votes as yours had. You should always provide an explanation of what you tried, what isn't working, and why it's not working. Any errors you're getting, or specific problems you're running into can ...


Couldn't you add your code as a new answer? You can still upvote and accept the answer that inspired it, and reference that answer in your answer. As a clarification based on a comment, a question can have more than one useful answer. Adding Answer B with a code implementation based on Answer A in no way detracts from A as long as A is acknowledged in B. A ...


You're really not. If a conversation starts requiring code, then it may be a good idea to move that off to Chat as opposed to having it in the answer. It also depends on what is being asked; be vigilant for chameleon questions in which a user is attempting to get you to code the entirety of a solution for them. Since you've clarified your use case, I'll ...


I think there is a major flaw in your feature request: if the proposal for a favorite answer is declined, why try it with a subset which is eventually less useful. Also, what use does a library of code have without he explanation? The last thing is what makes SO special and worth the time.


No thats not possible to favorite an answer instead of question because stack does not support to favorite an answer


First, changing code in edits is very rarely going to go over well. First, changing code could affect the way the code runs and thus the correctness of the answer. (For example, in editing you make a typo in C# code that turns an || (short circuited boolean or) into | (not short circuited bitwise or). Oops.) This is going to be even worse on an accepted ...


In my opinion since you came up with different code but you used someone else's answer to get there you should have posted your own answer with your version of the code. Include in your answer an attribution to the answer/user that allowed you to come up with the code you wound up using.

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