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This is correct Markdown behavior. As the syntax rules state: Note that Markdown formatting syntax is not processed within block-level HTML tags. E.g., you can’t use Markdown-style *emphasis* inside an HTML block. If you want to use raw HTML blocks, then use all raw HTML within that block. Of course, this gets confusing because some Markdown parsers ...


If you click on the link you provided and would be too lazy to switch to the markdown TAB it looks as if a lot of text was added in that was not there. Unfortunately there are a lot of reviewers that are too quick to reject, without, if something seems amiss with an edit, first double checking that the error might be on their side. Switching to markdown ...


Your should use Markdown for lists and as much other layout you can. That works: yes! Which is: 1. `yes`!


As an alternative to switching to Markdown, you can use the <code></code> tag. This works inside of an HTML list: this is code In other words, you can opt to use markdown or HTML, but the mixture of the two occasionally causes problems.


&lt;host becomes <host


It sounds like this is likely to be part of quoting code anyway, so use backticks. For example, foo <host in a line... ... is created with text of: For example, `foo <host` in a line...


Because the HTML is cached, not rendered on the fly: Bug with rendering a question? Most likely because at that time Stack Overflow, in its blissful youth, was happy to receive any answer – even such a short one.


This won't happen anymore, I finally fixed this problem yesterday (it wasn't new, the issue has existed forever). See my answer on Meta.SE for some details.


It really depends on the specific situation, and it's usually a matter of opinion. Obviously, blockquotes are used for large quotes from text or documentation, but some also use them for errors. The reason for this is typically something along the lines of "Well, the error is not code, but it's not something I wrote as part of my question, so I should ...


Your edit summary was inaccurate. That means reviewers saw a pile of new code added, with the summary "Fixed formatting, couldn't follow English to improve it." You should have said "a lot of code was hidden by formatting errors. Fixed formatting, so it appears again. English was so bad I couldn't follow it." Here, instead of just "fixed formatting", it ...


If you post your stacktrace as a code block the backticks will be preserved. They are not special characters in code blocks. stacktrace example foo ` bar ` foobar


There's an excellent user script that adds tab support to answer text edit fields. I installed it with TamperMonkey for Chrome, and it works great!

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