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This is entirely by design. While it's not called out in the official documentation, the relevant Community FAQ post points out that The attribute order is important! Using a different order (e.g., height before width) will strip the tag!


The syntax highlighter didn't pick up that you wanted Java highlighting. Instead, it seems to be interpreted as HTML (probably because it begins with a <). HTML attributes are set to be colored red, which is why you are seeing the "Java Error". Just use the following and it should work: <!-- language: lang-java --> <B super A> B ...


Put an empty HTML comment (<!-- -->) or a syntax highlighter hint (<!-- language: lang-html -->) between the code blocks. Like so: Code here <!-- --> Code here Which will render as Code here Code here Note: <!> and <!--> also work for now, but they are not valid HTML comments and the system could change ...


For code in lists to be interpreted as code, it needs to be indented 4 spaces further to the list indentation. Here's an example Second item code->this.does(work.just_fine) This is also noted in the editing help for advanced lists (pretty much the very last line of that).


Use the suggested method mentioned in @Oded's answer if you want to format as code in the last item of the list. If you want to format as code outside the list, insert a comment between the last item of the list and the code. Like: List item 1 List item 2 code Markdown for this example: - List item 1 - List item 2 <!-- Comment inserted to ...


To get *+* You need to escape the * with \ as * is an italics markdown format character. \*+\* gets rendered into *+* Here is the SO help on formatting your post.


The code formatter {} can't tell what code you are trying to format - after all, it is likely you have mixed text and code in the post, it is possibly that you are pasting text and not code. It needs some help there - someone needs to tell it what to format. This is done by selecting the code - once selected, clicking {} (or the keyboard shortcut for it, ...


Sure, here you go: I tried to edit one of my posts by adding a comment within a code block which contains a link. Like so: .example { text-decoration: underline; -moz-text-decoration-color: red; /* vendor prefix not required as of V36 */ text-decoration-color: red; } Whether that's a good idea and worth the trouble? I wouldn't ...


There are ways around it as shown by others but I like to give some kind of headers when they aren't the same file/code Try this: html <div data-fruit="pear"> <a href="#"></a> </div> js $("a").click(function() { var fruit = $(this).parent().attr("data-fruit"); }); Besides, a little bit of text and possibly explanation ...


I often use the code editor - it has a tidy It is alas not available on mobile - however a snippet can be edited by hand in the normal editor but not tidied

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