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According to this question on Meta Stack Exchange, if a user starts composing their answer before the question is closed, and ignores the warning messages they receive as soon as the question is closed, and works around the disabled submit button, then the grace period becomes around 4 hours. Therefore, this behavior is status-bydesign. That said, allowing ...


When you ask the question "Why was this post closed," you should always ask the logically inferred question "Why should this post be reopened?" Posts are reopened for three reasons: The close reason is clearly invalid, or The post needs more answers, and/or The question has been improved, making it on-topic. Of the three, the third reason is the most ...


Because it is a code golfing question, and it is not on-topic here. He has working code, and he's merely asking for people to contribute other ways to do it. There is no real problem there and there are an infinite number of answers.


Yes, it's possible to down- (or indeed up-) vote a closed question. The only questions you can't vote on are locked or deleted ones.


Yes, it is possible to downvote closed questions.


The question will have already entered the reopen queue when you edited it. There it will be evaluated to see if it should be reopened.


This question is still close-worthy, because (quoting from most appropriate close reason): Questions seeking debugging help ("why isn't this code working?") must include the desired behavior, a specific problem or error and the shortest code necessary to reproduce it in the question itself. Questions without a clear problem statement are not useful to ...


I don't think it's too broad. The topicality is borderline; this might make more sense on http://english.stackexchange.com/ or even http://ell.stackexchange.com/. That said, I'm splitting hairs; if the asker is struggling to interpret documentation then expecting him to choose a site based on whether his confusion arises from unfamiliar jargon vs. ...


It's a question about a general non-specific topic that, although surely tied to software design, is not actually tied to a particular design problem. I have no issue with codeless design questions if the poster has a specific requirement or problem for which possible solutions can be presented, but questions such as that linked are more suitable for a ...


Can't we figure out a way to funnel or encourage people to better themselves and rewrite questions that don't make sense to the community into things that do? There are two groups who can do this. There is the original poster of the question, and there are the random community people who try to improve it. Improving a question isn't easy. It can ...


Can't we figure out a way to funnel or encourage people to better themselves and rewrite questions that don't make sense to the community into things that do? That's exactly what closing a question does. Once (if) it's improved with an edit it will go into the re-open queue. Closing != deleting. I can't really think of any better way to encourage ...


The question is entirely unsalvageable after the edit. As such, the edit is adding no value at all. If the edit was either turning the question into one that would no longer merit closure, or at least bringing it into a place where it's both noticeably improved and is salvageable into a decent question after the edit then its adding value. We don't want ...

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