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'Ello. You may know me from such hits as Open letter to students with homework problems and Where to start? from Programmers.SE. Today, I'm here to talk to you about discussions. Much of this is an abbreviated recap of On discussions and why they don't make good questions, but as one may note with the links there, these are over on Programmers.SE (that ...


I agree that the question is not too broad, and that some comments were unnecessary, but that question still is not very good. Why does the first read interfere with the second one? That's pretty vague. How does it interfere? What's the expected vs. actual output? I'm not sure why people didn't close as "unclear what you're asking" and ask clarifying ...


Good catch. If a question is unclear we should be discouraging the OP from trying to clarify it with comments, not encouraging. They should clarify the question itself. Far too many new users reply to comments rather than editing their questions.


The data exporer doesn't include deleted questions, so while you could do it, the data is going to be extremely skewed, likely beyond usability. The questions that you voted to close that actually got closed are far more likely to have been deleted than questions that you voted to close that didn't end up being closed.


You already did help the poster by answering his question. Closing is sometimes a judgment call. But once a question has been adequately answered (within the context of the question that was asked), whether the question remains open or not should be irrelevant to the asker. Good answers don't necessarily redeem bad questions. That said, I don't see ...


You can go to your profile under votes > closure and look through. If you only want a list of questions where you think you did an error, I wrote a CasperJS script to scrape those votes. In the end two csv files and a json file is written to the same directory. I would classify erroneous votes as !closed && !deleted && successful where ...

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