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It appears that this has been addressed: Thanks, StackExchange team. If someone could add the Status Complete tag, that would be great.


You should flag to close it, there are specific flag reasons for such posts. Moderators do not need to be involved here, so your custom flag was declined.


If the OP is editing the question to change the requirements, then simply roll back the edit. Completely changing the question to ask something else is not appropriate. If the user is rolling back your change, or re-applying the edit, flag for moderator attention and explain the situation. If the user isn't changing the question, and simply states that ...


I agree that this close reason is a bit suspect - it's not really related to a reproducible code problem per se. In all honesty though, the answer is, "It doesn't, you're synthesizing a false property." This is covered by the original answer, so I'm bewildered as to why you created a new question to discuss it. The close reason is incorrect, no two ways ...


Closing had very little to do with that question's deletion. As a reminder, here are the rules for automatic deletion: If the question is more than 30 days old, and ... has −1 or lower score has no answers is not locked ...or... it was closed and migrated to a different site ... it will be automatically deleted. ...


referring them to such a signpost The question has 85 views over 6 months. It was very clearly not acting as a signpost. If that post would have been getting a lot of views, and was actively serving as a signpost, then the roomba wouldn't have deleted it.


My only guess is the question is not in most people's domain That's not a guess. He needs somebody that has HappyFunTimes too. By tagging it [c#] and [javascript] he's yelling for help in a large stadium full of people that have their own idea what a happy fun time looks like. And that's not digging through some library they never heard of without ...


I am not sure why you think the question needs to be clearer, but the final line: How would you implement this using HappyFunTimes? makes it too broad. That makes it so difficult to give a specific answer (as you indicate yourself), and that makes this non-specific question non-appropriate for our Q&A format.


First: edit your question to address the closer's concerns. If you don't do that, your chances of being re-opened are next to nothing. Once you have done that, you are automatically in the re-open queue. You could also consider asking users in your tag's chat to review the question. To your specific ideas: Is it best to start a new question asking the ...


I'm not sure if it's ok to answer here with my doubts, or it would be better to risk on duplicating with a new question. The only answer here says there are 2 different messages, but in my short time here I saw just one of them. I recently flagged this question as a duplicate of this other question from the same user one hour ago, and added a comment ...


If they're explicitly requesting that someone provide them a link to an off-site tutorial, then close it with the "recommendation request" close reason. If it's not explicitly a resource request, but rather is simply so broad that one would have to essentially write a long-form tutorial, then close it as "too broad". You'll just have to use your judgement ...


It very specifically depends on the question. Some "how can I approach this problem" questions are perfectly reasonable and answerable in a paragraph or two. Others would indeed require writing a step-by-step tutorial covering many broad topics, which is clearly not what we're here for. Other questions may not have enough constraints to clearly arrive at one ...

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