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It would be nice if there was a quality, canonical Q&A of which we could mark the other and future questions as dupes. However, I can't find an ideal one... You seem to be pretty knowledgeable on the subject. Why not write a Q&A yourself and Community Wiki it? You basically have the startings of both in the post you've just written here!


Here are a few targeted searches (low hanging fruit): open questions containing "looking for" and "ide" (30) open questions containing "looking for" and "software" (156) open questions containing "looking for" and "free" (223) open questions containing "looking for" and "open source" (181) open questions containing "looking for" and "plugin" (219) open ...


I would agree that the tag is largely useless. If it is removed now there are a number of questions though that will end up with a single (and sometimes meaningless) tag. The list of questions isn't huge, I would suggest that you pre-process the list and do a general clean up before requesting a final burnination.


Change tags about questions related to the R caret package to r-caret.


You mention graphics/rendering/OpenGL as a possible legitimate use of light. A more specific tag for that use is lighting. So if light is used for that purpose, I would suggest to retag with lighting. To add to it, there's also lights, which has no description, but seems to be used almost exclusively in the graphics domain. My proposal would be to declare ...


Please don't do this. For the most part, it's a gigantic waste of time and effort: most of these questions aren't causing problems. If you observe a question that is attracting spam or whose answers are all out of date or even just poorly-written, great - flag it or vote to close it. But don't dig up graves just so you can pound another stake in the ...


Wow, that question turned into a circus. I applaud you for wanting to clean it up. A lot of those answers are bad, some are downright wrong. The appropriate action is to down vote the bad or wrong answers, once they go sufficiently negative they should become deletable by trusted users. There is no point editing some of the answers - once you remove the ...


I would use r-caret and text-cursor, and move mouse cursor stuff to mouse-cursor, and then nuke caret and cursor to force people to disambiguate when they tag in the first place. (The appropriate tags will come up in search as they type, I believe.) I chose text-cursor over text-caret because I think cursor is just the more popular term. I think few people ...


Nuke it. Nuke it, and blacklist it so it won't come back. I don't think creating an sql-execute tag is a good idea, either. A useful question to ask yourself, when trying to decide whether a tag should exist, is "Are there any experts on this subject?" That is, could someone reasonably be interested in answering questions specifically about this subject, ...


I would like to propose that instead of simply burninating all these tags, it may be more useful to replace them with the geometry tag (with the exception of cube, of course).


cube should go all the same. It has at least 3 distinct meanings (multiple meanings is not good for tags), one of which relates to geometry (which should go). We already have olap-cube and data-cube, so all relevant questions should be retagged to that. If relevant, we should create more tags to deal with the remaining non-cube-shape questions. cubes ...


I'd like to see the answers being edited separately and not combined. As you said yourself, there are many different solutions. Keeping them separate allows the most common solutions to rise to the top, and makes it much easier to read. The workflow I'd propose would therefore be to edit each answer individually, and remove the cruft as you suggested. ...


UPDATE: Thanks to Sam for pointing out that there is a android-homebutton tag already. So no need for a home tag for Android. Android has a concept of "home". Most Android devices (going back to at least Android 1.5) have a home button. When you press it, you are usually sent to a place where some app icons and widgets live, and this place is actually ...


I've written a Q&A as suggested: Loop doesn't see changed value without a print statement (I tried to mark the other questions as duplicates of it but the review queue doesn't work well so all the close votes just "expire".)


Burnination in progress... deleted completed at 11:30 on 10th Augest (thanks to Unihedron, FunctionR & metacubed). delete still cleaning up... deletion still cleaning up... deleting still cleaning up... If you would like to help participate, please remember to fix all outstanding issues with the question, such as, Re-tagging with appropriate tags ...


I think that question and answer has some value. Instead of just referring to the comments section in your answer, you could make it better by quoting what the problem was. You need to move the logon verification into another thread, it's blocking the UI thread. That will make it more clear what the code in your answer is doing. The differences between ...


I've seen the shape tag on a question where it was relevant. All of these may be relevant to graphics programming.


I suggest to pay more attention to remove the android tag from answers that are about developing a mobile/tablet friendly website. My understanding is that the android tag should only be about Android apps development and not development of mobile versions of websites. We have to separate those things better, because you need to know about different ...


As a moderator, a high-rep user, and someone who is disproportionately active in css-selectors, I have been aware of this issue for quite some time but I just haven't been certain on what to do about it, given how heavily-used the selector/selectors tags are and how broad and ambiguous they are by nature (even despite what their wikis say). So, I really ...


Synonymise all four tags. function-call, function-calls, method-call, call mean the same thing.


Synonymise function-call and function-calls, but leave method-call and call separate.


Change tags on questions about the onscreen text pointer from caret to cursor-position. Update the caret tag info page.


Neither delete nor deleted make any sense, they should both get removed since they are too vague and too broad. There are so many operations, language features, OS commands and other unrelated things that could sort under those tags. As we can tell by taking a brief look at some posts tagged with these tags.

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