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I would agree that the tag is largely useless. If it is removed now there are a number of questions though that will end up with a single (and sometimes meaningless) tag. The list of questions isn't huge, I would suggest that you pre-process the list and do a general clean up before requesting a final burnination.


UPDATE: Thanks to Sam for pointing out that there is a android-homebutton tag already. So no need for a home tag for Android. Android has a concept of "home". Most Android devices (going back to at least Android 1.5) have a home button. When you press it, you are usually sent to a place where some app icons and widgets live, and this place is actually ...


Neither delete nor deleted make any sense, they should both get removed since they are too vague and too broad. There are so many operations, language features, OS commands and other unrelated things that could sort under those tags. As we can tell by taking a brief look at some posts tagged with these tags.

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