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So, here's your question: Is this the kind of behaviour promoted for SO chat channel moderators? Answer: No, not really. That clears this all up, right? If so; there's no need to read further. If not; It seems to me what should have happened here is to take a step back as soon as things got less than pleasant. If it was something really important ...


This doesn't excuse the language, but there's a bit of history with the Android chatroom. That and the more popular iOS chatrooms are locked because they became places where question-askers would go to harass more regular users, spam their questions, and even insult people who voted to close their poor questions. When the question bans came online, this got ...


Let's see if we can do this without it getting out of hand... The denial I am the one who denied access twice within a minute. We have people request access multiple times after being denied in a short period of time and it gets frustrating. The accusation The "accusation" that I made false claims against you was inaccurate. I was talking about a ...


Knowing now what I do from answers provided by Brad Larson and codeMagic, I can say a few more things in regards to the scenario. I still don't think that the language received (now removed from the post) was appropriate, even if it was during a relatively heated moment; at the same time, if the history of the chat room has led them to enforce a lockdown ...


LOLCODE Write a short POP3 Client that fetches the last mail available on the Server and stores it into a local file. The Client doesn't need to support any encryption, plain text connections are enough (feel free to support it anyway).


Famo.us Implement Pong using the Famo.us API only (that is, no HTML in the body). I know this is JavaScript, but AFAIK Famo.us is a new technology, as such matching the requirements.


Shakespeare Task: Write a program to calculate the factors of an arbitrary number and display them in a sorted list. Goals should be readability and brevity of the source (which will resemble an amateurish play). While Shakespeare isn't truly a practical language, it does force the programmer to deal with more esoteric concepts and understand what is ...


Brainfuck Task: Write a program that chooses a random number from 1 to 100. The user then attempts to guess this number. After each guess the program tells the user if his/her guess was bigger or smaller than the correct number, or correct. Finally, the program should tell the user how many guesses he/she took. Random number generation Since brainfuck ...


Bash Task: Write a engine can translate text in markdown format to html. Can translate bold, italic and code tags.


XQuery Task: Read in the factbook.xml and display for each country in the world the population of this country and the difference in the number of inhabitants compared to all its neighboring countries. Based on the estimated population growth (and the assumption this number is steady for the next ten years), also return how much the difference will ...


R Plot out when the plot thickened given a vector of dates (or timestamps). Also plot out a histogram (or whatever) of how many times different people recognised the differing thickness. Bonus "points" for fetching and parsing the data yourself. (If you're interested: very quick intro to R ; an awesome book on R (you may be able to find it online cough ...


Dart Task: Create an interface for suggesting and voting on monthly challenge ideas. I originally said this on the chat as a joke, but it seems within the difficulty target, and would let us avoid opening Meta questions each month that routinely get put on hold. Front-end only, with a mock REST API for the backend. (Actual backend would be need to be ...


Since it's last month's ex aequo answer: Ada Task: Write an IRC client. It can be a simple bot answering !!bot with Yes, I'm a bot!. It does mean implementing the IRC protocol. A simple way to understand how it works is using irc over telnet.


CraftyJS Task : Use crafty.js in conjugation WebkitSpeechRecognition api to copy a simple SIMON so you basically speak :P as you press too fun for kids. (So basically you speak what you want your card to perform)).


Erlang / Elixir Task: Write a simple calculator (Polish notation, infix, reverse-screw Hungarian, whichever you'd like). Should implement at least addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, modulo and power. If the result is an integer, query Numbers API for some interesting trivia (being interesting optional). (Note: You can assume nicely given ...


Go Task: Write a program that gets a chat room ID and fetches the number of stars for each user in the chat and then returns a sorted list of users by number of stars.

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