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The filter on the room list works on tags as well as names. So if the room is currently named "Reptiles" but tagged "python", it will still show up when filtering on "python". This might be of some limited use for searching "move to chat" comment thread rooms, as the question tags are copied to the room when the thread is moved. For example, filtering on ...


Sure: you can invite a user to chat. Go to chat. Switch to the "users" tab at the top of the page: Switch to the "all" tab in the top right corner of the page: Search for the user you'd like to contact using the search field and click on the correct result to go to his/her profile. On that profile, click the "start a new room with this user" ...


This would make sense if we did something useful with the starred comments in these moved threads. Such as displaying them below the post. But currently we do not. If there is useful information in the thread, edit the main-site post to add it; don't depend on anyone else caring enough to read chat.


I don't agree. There are many comments I'd upvote on a question that I would not star in chat.

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