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Community Wiki on Stack Overflow is really just a question or answer that can be edited by a larger number of users. It isn't a separate portion of the site, and they still have to follow the rules. The question you linked to wouldn't be a very good candidate for a community wiki. http://stackoverflow.com/help/privileges/community-wiki (this answer is a ...


This already exists. You just navigate to their chat profile and invite them. This profile can be found by going to the subdomain chat. Yours is http://chat.stackoverflow.com/users/5398173/john and if I wanted to invite you I would simply click here Once in the room, there is also a link to invite.


I think a new chat room can be created when the team is formed, like it's done with the sites; additionally the tags of the room are taken from the corresponding team's ones. (Then Community posts a welcome message, citing the and description and giving chat faq link, like, again, with the new SE site). As it's possible for a team to have a chatroom ...


You aren't allowed to upload images in chat until you reach at least 100 reputation, earned with the create chat rooms privilege. What other new privileges in chat do I get? At 100 reputation you also get access to the "Upload image" button in chat.


Did a moderator suspend me? Did someone? Everyone in the room seems equally confused. When a user is suspended from chat by a moderator, it will say so. If it says that you've been suspended for "inappropriate content", that means the content was spam-/offensive-flagged to oblivion, resulting in your suspension. Every message that gets deleted this way ...


This is what happens when a flag is raised on your chat message. And then x other people across the Stack Exchange chat network validate the flag. You get a 30 minute suspension and your message is destroyed. While you may enjoy a bit of good humour with your mates in your chat room, remember that you are still on Stack Exchange and all transcripts are ...


I expect the chat server still assumes you are logged in with the account that got merged into your current one. As that chat account doesn't have any rep left, you lose the ability to chat. If you had visited your associated chat account, you would have seen this: Which shows that you have never logged in with this account. If you click log out at ...

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