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You cannot create a private chat-room, only moderators can, for moderation purposes: Why are there private chat options? How do I make a private chat room? Options to allow access regardless of the chatroom being public/gallery/private are still always available to the room-owner(s). So, the information is out there, though not (yet???) added to that faq. ...


Confirmed. Chat room created, but only a few messages moved - and no auto-generated comment left pointing to the room. Works on this question, however: Moderator "Move comments to chat" failing My suspicion is that the process choked when trying to copy the first message from this user - note how that link doesn't exactly work? Marking this as a ...


This is by design. A @name ping matches everybody who's recently been in the room and whose name starts with name and pings them all. If you want to ping one specific person use their full name. If two or more people share the same name then you are going to either have to live with it or persuade one (or more) of them to change their names.


Prolog Task: Write a solver for verbal arithmetic puzzles in Prolog. For example, SEND +MORE ===== MONEY should yield O = 0, M = 1, Y = 2, E = 5, N = 6, D = 7, R = 8, and S = 9.


Ruby Task: Write an http exploration tool. Input is something like this: GET http://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/weather?id=2172797 Output: { "main": { "temp": 299.552, "temp_min": 299.552, "temp_max": 299.552, "pressure": 1004.77, "sea_level": 1022.43, "grnd_level": 1004.77, "humidity": 100 ...


Object Pascal (Delphi / Free Pascal, Lazarus) Task: Write an HTTP proxy that will replace all images on websites with cat images (images with the cat tag) from Flickr.


Io Task: Write a Pokédex. Given a Pokémon id, write out its stats (type, hp, attack, speed, etc). Also accept a range (6-12), or display "pages" (e.g. given #1, display Pokémon 1-10, #2 11-20, etc). Data source can be prepared beforehand or bonus points for fetching it on the fly. Language references: Official website http://iolanguage.org/ Official ...


Clojure Task: Write a web crawler which collects all links in a given url, follows them and builds a hierarchy of links. Specify a max depth, of course. For example, crawling Clojure's github page and a depth=2 would give something like this: https://github.com/clojure/clojure http://clojure.org/ http://help.wikispaces.com/ http://clojure.org/ ...


Common Lisp Task: create a website to let my couple decide how much money each of us puts in the common account. On a prorata of our salaries, each of us puts in a total amount of money to let us pay the bills. Basically, a form with 2 inputs (my salary, SO's salary), and the 3rd input being how much money we need for the month/week.


Markov Chains Task : Create a parser that pulls headlines from Hacker News and generates new ones via Markov Chains. Headlines can be retrieved from the Firebase API Language/Framework agnostic. I figured this was something a lot of developers keep meaning to get around to learning.


RxJS and React Task : Use RxJS and react to implement any game based on the subject of gravity - that is the player is affected by gravity somehow. The game can be as simple (like jump every 5 seconds) or as hard as you'd like (like flappy bird a or more).

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