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You cannot create a private chat-room, only moderators can, for moderation purposes: Why are there private chat options? How do I make a private chat room? Options to allow access regardless of the chatroom being public/gallery/private are still always available to the room-owner(s). So, the information is out there, though not (yet???) added to that faq. ...


Confirmed. Chat room created, but only a few messages moved - and no auto-generated comment left pointing to the room. Works on this question, however: Moderator "Move comments to chat" failing My suspicion is that the process choked when trying to copy the first message from this user - note how that link doesn't exactly work? Marking this as a ...


I made ChatSEy a while back. It's an app that just loads the normal chat site, but injects some userscripts to (IMO) make it a bit more user friendly.


There is no chat in the mobile apps at the moment. Once the next podcast comes out you'll hear a thing or two about that, so keep your eyes on the blog. But as Kasra Rahjerdi (lead of the Mobile team) said in a response to the exact question you're asking: [...] not in the immediate future. it'd require an API for chat which we don't have yet (and we ...

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