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but I am not sure how long those this message stay in place. Chat messages do not get deleted; all old messages can be found on the transcript of a room (scroll up and click on the "full transcript" button). If a room gets deleted, the messages do not really get deleted; they are only visible to users with 10k reputation or more, and moderators.


You got an upvote 12 minutes ago, so now you have 25 rep, but rep on your chat profile is cached for some time so it's still 15 there; after an hour, I believe it will be updated on chat.SO, and then you'll be able to post messages.


Yes it is possible to flag from chat. To do so, you need to select the drop down arrow on the left side of a message you are flagging: From here, click flag for moderator: Fill out the input field explaining why you are flagging and then click OK. The flag as spam/offensive option is also available. This flag will show to all users that have 10K+ ...

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