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There would have to be some sort of restrictions, for instance, so that people can't spam every room owner for no reason. But, this would be a cool feature, coming from the JS room where us Room Owners are pretty close and often chat just as bros and bro-ettes (Mandatory for our lady Badger)


I disagree. It makes the place messy, room owners gets unnecessary pings. And of which when they don't read it, obsolete messages reside in their inbox, likely to have been handled by another room owner. There is no pressing need to turn the room owners into a special crew of the room. If something demands review from the room owners, the current system ...


While I do understand the reasoning behind this idea, I don’t think it’s really a feature that’s generally useful or even not annoying. The original idea for this suggestion came from the desire to organize a meeting with all room owners. As such, it was desired to ping all room owners, so that all of them see the message and have a chance to respond to it. ...


Do you still participate in that chat room? If not, click "leave" and that should take care of the pings. However, while you're in the room, there unfortunately isn't a way to prevent pings due to shared usernames short of changing your display name to be something more unique.


Most times when something has to happen "quickly" it is someone trying to meet some last minute deadline and looking for someone else to help them finish. Often these are also questions on the main site which have a sense of urgency and entitlement. I do not think that allowing this urgency to play out in the form of pinging every single owner in a room is ...


All chat-rooms can be seen and entered by anyone with chat-privilege. Still, you can restrict who may write. Here you go: Click on "StackExchange" in the top-left, and then on "chat": On the chatrooms-list, go to the bottom and choose "create new room": On the create-room-page, choose name, description and either public (all users with chat-privilige ...

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