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No, it's not.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Find the magical portal Click the SE dropdown arrow at the top left in the tool bar Enter the magical portal Click the "chat" button. Bask in the glory Then you can choose a list of many wonderful and glorious chat rooms Wait...be careful in there! You can also find users on chat but I wouldn't suggest randomly invited people to chat. Some people ...


The project is clearly dead. Let's simply remove the reference entirely; it serves no purpose.


Here is a list of possible replacement words. Feel free to edit in any others (keep alphabetical). antediluvian antiquated bygone démodé inadequate incomplete insufficient obsolete old out-of-date outdated outmoded passé senescent unofficial unsupported


There is no way to hide a question from a user, and there are many, many good reasons why there shouldn't be. What you can do: Take the user seriously and consider the advice they're giving for a moment instead of dismissing it as "theoretical". If the user in question is this user, I can't judge the content of the discussion but they appear to have a ...


I do not think this is a bug, it is most certainly by design. There is really not much difference between the two links you show in your example. In chat, if you wish to have a custom link as opposed to automagic, then you can explicitly create the link using [link text](target url) Note that the url must include http://


For some reason the chat insists that there are in fact two users They were, in fact, two users, but the same person. This has been solved. You can check some of the history following the chat conversations with Anna Lear.

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