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room owner here. No magic involved. We asked a mod to reuse an old unused room ID so we can easily remember the link - the mod made sure the previous tenants were not interested in using the room and it was frozen for a while before that.


I can't see the advantage of it for normal SO users and it is likely going to be abused by spammers. You would have to set up an additional review queue to check that the contents of these snippets do not contain spam, obsolete or outright inappropriate content.


Room 8 used to be "Tech startups & Companies" ( The transcript for that room has been moved to here


I think this is a pretty unnecessary feature to be honest. It would make Chat a lot more efficient... How so? You didn't exactly explain that in your question. How would it be handled when multiple people are typing at the same time? What exactly does it specifically add that would be beneficial? The Person X is typing... indicator is a convenience ...


Fixed; thanks. The "{chat}/logout" link shown pre-dated a few of our auth / universal-login changes, and was doomed to never work (we just identified you again and issued you with fresh chat cookies right away). We now link to the correct universal logout.

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