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Use the flag feature: Click on the job ad. On the right side menu, click flag a problem. Type something in and click submit.


Sorry, we've been making lots of changes to the way job ads are served, and occasionally bugs pop up. In this case, we were redirecting you to a .internal address which we use for internal API calls between services (as you could probably guess). Of course, that url is meaningless outside our network. Anyway, it's fixed now. We're working on some testing to ...


Check out the contact details on the Careers support page: http://careers.stackoverflow.com/support You can email your feedback to the email address there (not including it as it may change over time and may be dependent on your geography).


Oops, sorry about that. Should be fixed now. Yesterday I was working on a few optimizations to the jobs sidebar to reduce unnecessary memory allocations, and one of the changes involved changing the rendering code to write directly to the output stream, rather than construct an intermediate string first. There are two methods that write to output: one that ...


Use the contact us form to request that the accounts be merged. Then once that's done you can remove the MyOpenID from the list of logins. It would also be useful to add a second login (Google?) to your account in case there are problems with the primary one you have chosen.

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