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For now, Careers does require Gravatar to change your profile picture. Allowing for uploaded photos is something that's on our list to do in the future and something we certainly want to do, but not coming in the short term just yet.


I'm the product manager in charge of Stack Overflow Careers Select. There currently is no place on Stack Overflow or Careers where you can see a full list of Select events. It's a new product, and we've been running it in a fashion similar to a closed beta (though as you can tell, we haven't been trying to keep it super secret). Basically, we've been ...


This can happen if you've been messaged by an employer who hasn't filled in their company name. The company name is supposed to go before the words "is waiting for you" in the subject, and where those asterisks are in the body. (The template is **$CompanyName$** so it's supposed to show the company name in bold - but if we don't have a company name then you ...


I don't think the voting system would be an answer to this. Bigger companies could just pressure their employees into voting for them and for posting favorable comments. The voting and commenting system are based on the principle of peer review; those voting and commenting can be expected to know the subject matter, that is available to all. The internal ...


Finally I've found the way how to do that. It is funny though as I am pretty sure it wasn't there yesterday so I am assuming SO developers are still working on it. The answer is, in Edit Profile & Settings tab, there is a small checkbox with a text "Show Careers link on my profile" next to it and you should check that box in order to link your profile. ...


Should be resolved now. We were using an old view to update these sections and they're using the new ones now.


We've actually deprecated this page with a recent change to how people get Careers profiles a few days ago. Shouldn't be an issue now.


This is something we may look into in the future. Agree this isn't something that's very pleasant to use, so will look into enhancing this when we revisit the profile design 6 to 8 weeks from now.

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