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Knowing the background of Stack Overflow, it's easy to see why Questions comes before Documentation. But then if you do use the first option instead of the second, you'll be yelled that you should have read the documentation first! So, I'd suggest to move Documentation to the first position. At the end of each part of documentation, link to "Questions and ...


I think I've worked out what happened in this specific case. You were sent an invite on 10th November at 17:15 UTC (invitation 1). On 11th November at 00:42 UTC you used the "Create a profile" link on Stack Overflow Careers (or maybe clicked a link on Stack Overflow that took you to the same place), and linked your existing Stack Overflow account. This ...


I like the new UI. Specially the addition of Teams and Documentation to the Stack Overflow scope. I have read some discussion happening on the name like 'Null Reference', but I personally like 'StackOverflow'. I just have one question. Where will the 'Ask Question' option be, because I have not seen an image shown in the above post? Till now 'Ask ...


Looks great. I approve (even with my sucky HTML... Imagine what it will be with Stack Overflow Awesomeness!). However, I need to ask: what will happen to the old buttons? Will they still be there? Or will we have to wave bye-bye to some of them? In your example, we've got: Questions | Documentation | Jobs | Teams | Users | Tags From an anonymous ...


My own two cents: having jobs mixed in with the Q&A part of Stack Overflow seems to make as much sense to me as including a section on ramen recipes. Teams, I can understand. Documentation, I can understand. Unlike those sections and the normal Q&A stuff, Jobs is actually counter-productive to the goal of getting my work done. I would ...


Yep. As you point out we weren't quite displaying those arrows. I've pushed a fix and they should be back now. Thanks for the report.


Currently, Careers is linked to from two sites: Stack Overflow & Server Fault. Will they both get Jobs tabs? Will they get separate Jobs tabs, or will the information be shared? Will people who currently have accounts on Careers and one of those sites automatically acquire a profile on the other site? Or what?


I've liked how you will bring everything together in the same place. However, does it mean that you have already decided that the new Documentation feature will be named simply as "Documentation"? Previously, the MSO community have elected the name "Null Reference". While this name makes sense as a separated website like nullref.io, with this navbar, a ...


Oops! We were checking for existing profiles, among other conditions, before sending Careers invitations... but we missed some parenthesis and ended up with a (a && b || c). This has been fixed and pushed to production on build rev 2015.11.11.2970. Thanks for your report <3


Thanks for reporting this. We took a look and realized that we had, in fact, inadvertently broken that button. It is working now though you may need to refresh the page that the button is on before it will work as expected. Please report back if you encounter any further problems, and thanks again for taking the time.


You can add a new item in the "Experience" section of your CV, and mark it as your current job. Additionally, you can edit your previous job and set its end date. These changes will be reflected to the top of your profile (which currently mentions your old employer).

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