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Employers cannot see anything more than is visible to other users. No extra information is visible to companies using Careers, they can only see what you put into your Careers profile. Moderator messages are entirely private, and are never shared with anyone, and certainly not with employers or other Careers users.


I've adjusted the search algorithm to help with this. Check out the c tag now. We were discarding single-letter search terms and tags, so a search for c was treated as an empty search. Now it properly filters down to just posts that contain c. I've also increased the importance of tags in the search results, which should help bump actual C jobs above ...


The check for validity of user names was incorrectly rejecting those with a .. This has now been fixed and will roll out in the next build.


You can replace Discover... with Stack Overflow Careers profile, which will contain a link to your profile. Click on the Edit Profile & Settings tab: then scroll down to the Web presence section and tick the Show Careers link on my profile checkbox: Source (deleted) This is not exactly what I asked for, but does work for my situation, as I was ...


This seems to be a shortcoming with the way we are currently indexing jobs in elastic search. As a temporary workaround, you could try searching for "c/c++", which will give you slightly better (though not great) search results.


I agree the terminology isn't the clearest. Employer view affects your profile visibility for employers only. Setting this to "searchable" means that your profile is visible to employers. Setting this to "blocked" means your profile will not appear in employer searches. This does not preclude you from having a public profile however. Privacy settings allow ...


I like the idea. Realistically, it’s not on our roadmap so I wouldn’t expect it in the medium term. That said, you might use one of the other sections. For example, you might use “Certifications”, which just offers a couple of fields to describe it. “Apps & Software” will actually go scrape a URL to try to form a summary. Might be usable in this case ...


I'm posting this as a Careers user, not as a Stack Exchange employee. In particular, I'm not in the Careers team, so don't treat my answer as gospel. :-) I've been able to change the email address in my Careers profile itself: In my testing, changing this was enough to make the PDF and Markdown exports show the correct email.

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