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This is now fixed. The problem was occurring because we weren't resetting the UI state when you navigated to the next user.


Hynes already mentioned that a "Cover Letter" has been mandatory for a few years now, when applying to a job on Stack Overflow. The listing in question is for a legitimate position, at a legitimate company. We don't allow contingency recruiters on our platform, but recruiting agencies who hire for specific positions are welcome, which is the case with this ...


Thanks for getting in touch! Arguably in this instance we've actually done a rather good job of matching you with an employer. After all, you clearly are a good fit for this company, because you work there right now! Of course, there's the more philosophical question of whether we should show you jobs at your current company at all. I think yes - at a ...


It's possible that this is a bug, but I don't think it is. If you're a "QA tester", for example, you might be interested in a job as a "C++ developer". If the job is at the company you already work for, it would be beneficial to consider applying for the position because the company already knows you.


This should be better now. TL;DR cache invalidation is hard. It was a combination of CDN caching, media queries, and our build process being a little weird from the great job board migration. We updated our favicon sprite sheet but didn't update the CSS including it (in this particular case), meaning it still pulled in a cached old version from our CDN ...


The Stack Overflow CV is 100% under your control. If you don't want an employer to see your SO username or questions, you can remove them from your CV. The other option is to apply without using your Stack Overflow CV and just upload a standard CV. We do not pass on your SO details to an employer without your permission (I.E. never unless you've added it to ...


There are a couple of problems here: We had a bug that meant your current location wasn't geo-coded correctly. If you wipe out your current location, save it and then edit it again it will correct itself. All of your experience entries are empty. We don't consider your CV complete enough to put it into the candidate index due to this. Complete at least one ...


Thanks for the report! You're receiving this job because it contains javascript and node.js keywords. If you'd like to receive matches based on tag matches instead, you can edit the alert by replacing "javascript node.js" with "[javascript] [node.js]" in the keyword field.


When you block search engines, we add this meta tag to your public cv page. Which instructs all the well meaning, legitimate search engines of the world to not surface your page in search results.


This is actually a feature that is already planned. Right now we have a lot of important tasks on our plate, and I cannot guarantee when exactly it will happen, but it will!


The comments on the question all point to the right answer here: Remote-only jobs are, by their nature, relevant to a wider audience. Because you're reaching more people / have a larger pool of potential applicants, we charge more for those listings. (Remote-only jobs receive greater distribution through ads on SO and appear in more searches / recommended ...


Right now, no, cities is not making a return. Why? Well, mostly because each city required a fair amount of work from our marketing team and then a small amount of code from the dev team. Essentially the process didn't scale. We do have plans to introduce something that replaces city pages, but focused more around job search. This is still in the early ...


Thank you for the report, @Joost! This should be fixed now.


You will be pleased to hear, that this is exactly what we've been doing. If you want to take it for a spin sign up for the developer-story beta. Developer story bug: top x%


Flagging users should work again now. Those flags didn't go through, so you'll have to submit again. Sorry about that. TL;DR we moved the flagging feature in a way that made it break. Technical explanation: We moved the candidate-facing parts of Careers to In doing this, almost all of the /cv routes were moved, so we just listed the ...


This is not strictly an answer to the question of the OP, so I apologize in advance for that. I'm going to tell me personal experience since I think it can be helpful for the rest of the community. I applied for an engineering position in Crossover. The first phase was a test on Hackerrank. Nothing difficult to pass, although I wouldn't say the quality of ...


This is a problem that can't be easily solved. The only way for us to 100% fix this issue would be to screen every single person that applies before sending the candidate on to you. Unfortunately that requires a huge amount of work that would be untenable for us in terms of man power. If you have candidates that you feel applied to your posting in a ...


We're bringing back the possibility to reserve (i.e. choose but hide) the vanity slug. We're doing this for everyone, so we're going beyond just grandfathering-in people who have used the option previously, as suggested here. The new behavior is spec'd out, but not implemented yet – I'll update this post when it's done. The TL;DR is this image: ...


It should be fixed now. When fetching your Careers profile, there was an enum value that wasn't recognized. This has been corrected. Thanks for your report!


A soft-limit might be a better approach. If the cover letter is more than X number of words (maybe an option that can be set by the employer), a dialog is displayed that offers a warning something along the lines of "Your cover letter is quite long. Are you sure you want to submit it?". This way employers expecting detailed cover letters can still receive ...


It's not exposed directly in UI right now but you can enter an advanced search query to get alerts for these kinds of jobs. For example, entering salary:10000USD in the keywords box would filter for all jobs with a salary of $10000 or more. We're working on making the jobs search experience better, including making this kind of functionality more ...


I think this should be limited to something like 200 words. Otherwise some candidate will feel they must write a long text, while other candidates only write one or two lines. HR then comes along, and decides they like the candidates that put in a lot of effort, or the candidates that kept it short. Unpredictable, so making the process too dependent ...


Thanks for the report Jon. There were two problems here: We shouldn't ever be showing the banner on public CVs. That's just weird. When we do show banners we should only show them if you haven't already linked your account. Both of these scenarios are now addressed.


An apostrophe can be used as a thousands separator like 60'789


I have found a way to add this info. However it is a little bit strange. So I added my "Unix & Linux" account directly in "Projects & Interests" section and added a description. So now it looks like: Projects & Interests Stack Overflow – October 2009 - Current Written 353 answers. Active in c++, c, ...


We could format everything as 3 digits and then use SI units. 123 or 1.23k for ( 1234) or 12.3k etc.


How about an underscore like Java allows for numeric constants? So 1_024 ?


As a Dutch citizen, I read your proposed reputation for TeX (1,704) as a number between 1 and 2. You could argue that an international standard is to be used, but most people don't know what this standard is. Therefore, if this is to be added, it must be optional or at the very least configurable. You cannot argue that the separators should be English ...


It makes sense. If you go to the user's SO profile page, you see a separator. Why not on the CV? Keeps consistency.


I think numbers of 4 digits are easier to read without thousands separators than with, but that may be personal. For 5 it doesn't matter that much to me, and there is only a handful of people who have 6. So to me thousands separators wouldn't add value, in contrast to, for instance, right-aligning the numbers.


The real question is: If we put thousands separator, which separator (or lack of separator) should be default? Too many people using English to bother. I think there should be no separator, because for example there are localizations where , is a decimal point symbol, and there are localizations where . is a thousands separator. No separator is the safest ...


I've fixed the issue you mention. SO profile updates notify Careers via an internal API and it neglected to add the history records that are used by the scheduled job that resets your search state. For the Opera issues: can you let us know what the problems are and we'll get them fixed up ASAP!


We already have most of these capabilities but they're a little bit hidden at the moment. There's an active project to begin addressing the confusing aspects of jobs so this will improve in the coming weeks. If you click on the cog in the matches tab we allow you to configure the tags that you want to work with and those that you dislike. This is the same ...


Thanks for your report! I flagged the listing for review, someone from sales support is going to look into it shortly. If you encounter a suspicious job in the future, you can use the link in the sidebar.


This makes sense for a new system; there are probably a whole lot of fairly attractive slugs out there that were picked on a whim and then forgotten about; they've never been used and they'll never be used by anyone. This applies to many things: usernames, domain names, email addresses, etc. Tim Berners Lee wrote about "Cool URIs don't change" back in ...

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