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I would also find the question confusing and also irrelevant. For many people their first, and even the most influential computer are old history, the sort of thing that should have fallen off of the out-of-date end of the CV. (Who remembers the Arcturus 18C? Outside of a museum, who cares?) There is a big difference between "first computer" and "Which ...


The 200 character minimum was introduced in a new onboarding process for new users creating CVs. If someone indicates that they want to be contacted by employers, we need to have enough information about them that employers can actually decide if the person matches the skills they're looking for. So we introduced several required fields, and the personal ...


Meaningfully testing a person's programming ability using automated tests is hard. This part of the process should better be left to those who are actually doing the recruiting. There are a lot of technologies out there and building even a basic skills test for each of them would likely be very expensive for SO Basic skills tests can be gamed (prevent a ...


The 200 character minimum can be bypassed with an HTML comment: <!-- Here is a 200+ character comment ...................................... ...................................... ...................................... ...................................... ......... -->


I thought it was a fun question, but then again, my first computer was the Commodore64 (which was more of a game console, really). There's no right or wrong answer here, but you may want to consider filling in something that would help you stand out as an applicant. I don't think what it was is nearly as valuable as why it was influential. While listing ...


Thanks for pointing these out! Consider these flagged. We'll reach out to the reps and the companies, and work with them to clarify policy and rework the listings. We're pretty clear on the job post form: but will definitively give this some more thought and see if there isn't anything else we can do.


An excellent way around this that could easily be implemented in 6-8 weeks is giving users the ability to specify the countries where they are legally entitled to work. I would love the ability to look for work in England, and all of the EU, although I currently live in Canada, since I am legally entitled to work there.


Fix will be live in the next prod build. We chose blue-gray because true blue is already used for links and buttons, while green is for compensation data.


We require a minimum granularity of a city because we allow search by location in candidate search and this allows employers to search for CVs in a specific city. It also surfaces your CV if they search by country or state / region. This also works for the 'Where I'd like to work' section of your CV; this surfaces your CV to employers searching in a ...


Yes. No. Maybe. No one knows for sure. There are some stories where someone was discovered because of their SO profile. A good SO track record can also show off your technical abilities, much better than some buzzwords on a resume. However, there's also going to be a lot of employers who don't care, or even view a high SO score as a negative (because ...


You get to choose which of your communities you want to be featured on your Careers page. If you choose a community, your reputation level in that community will also be displayed. Other than that, reputation does not, as far as I know, give you any more options, or any competitive advantage on Careers (beyond how a potential employer may be ...


Thanks for the bug report! By default, the job search page won't show jobs that the employer has chosen not to advertise in your region. If you want to see jobs that aren't targeted to your region, you can put something in the Location box. It looks like there was a bug in the "favourite listings" page. I've tweaked the logic - you should now see all of ...


Questions cannot be migrated if they're older than 60 days, so no. It also wouldn't be on topic on any of the site's you've mentioned, but as it can't be moved, that's a moot point.


Using AdBlocker plus, go to Options -> Add your own filters Add this one: Note that I did it this way since unchecking the "Allow some ..." option didn't work.


The reason these are checkboxes (and not radio buttons) is because they aren't exclusive items. As Dean mentioned in the comments above: Filters in the UI are currently AND queries. You can get the result you desire by using advanced search. E.g. relocation:true or remote:true. People may want to review jobs which offer both or one of the two options. ...


Your work experience entry is a little sparse. We require at least one entry with 150 characters or more describing your responsibilities in that role. For example, try describing projects that you worked on - that'll make you more interesting to employers and hence more likely to be contacted for positions. The 150 characters requirement isn't very clear ...


Thanks for the bug report! This behaviour is by design; it's because you've put PHP and MySQL in your "Tech you dislike" section. Remove them from the "tech you dislike" list and they should reappear in your Stack Overflow percentiles.


See the comment by @MartinSmith: I think you're wrong about needing it to be 100% complete. Mine is only 79% complete and I can make it public if I want. Have you added any entry into the text box as shown?


Well this is embarrassing... When testing for these kinds of issues we effectively impersonate your IP address and check all the routes that could be affected by this. Unfortunately the bug for this was in a code path that was never hit when we impersonate. I'm getting our support team (and devs!) to use a VPN to the relevant location in future which makes ...

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