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Yesterday we changed where the CSS for the Careers sidebar was being served from, and initially I had an incorrect domain name for our CDN. It should be fixed now, but please comment here if you see the issue pop back up again. *EDIT* Okay found the real culprit (and it was my own mistake, actually). We use Less for developing our style rules, and the ...


As far as I can remember the "top user" calculation uses votes as it needs to be specific to that tag. Your reputation is the sum of (upvotes + acceptances + bounties earned) - (downvotes + bounties started), there's no way of getting back to the specific reputation earned in each tag from this aggregated value. So bounties won't lower the value.


It's an A/B test. Is careers advertisement block being a-b tested? Yes, like many sites we sometimes conduct A/B tests like this. Right now, on Stack Overflow, some people will indeed see an orange version of the Careers ad in the sidebar, and other people will see a blue version. For the love of god, please just pick a color for the job postings and ...


You cannot. The advertisements are only personalised towards your location, your favorite / ignored tags are not taken into account. If you wanted to see new jobs in tags you are interested in, you can set up a RSS feed or email subscription instead. Go to the Careers 2.0 homepage, set up a search, and use the icons at the top of the search jobs sidebar: ...

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