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You are looking at a scene from the comedy series Flight of the Conchords, from the pilot episode, titled Sally. Jeff Atwood is a fan. You can see that scene online: Robot Song music video. The video is even linked from the image.


Answering with too much content too quickly seems to trigger the captcha for me. Occasionally I use sublime text to write up my answers, and when I paste a large amount of content into the answer field and submit it usually triggers a captcha. Beyond that, I don't know any of the details on what metrics are used to determine when a captcha is shown, and I ...


A Google image search yields the answer: they're from a comedy show named "Flight of the Conchords".


It sounds like the first time you attempted to post, the submission was successful, and the acknowledgement got lost (well, in a TCP connection, delayed for an exorbitant number of retries, which is the same from the user's perspective). The second time, you failed a check on the server for multiple answers submitted within a short space of time, which is ...


There are already throttles in place based on reputation. If you have 200 points, you'll be limited to one captcha per 5 minutes at most. Starting at 10k you'll very rarely see the test (you need to post within a second of opening a page or switch IP addresses a lot). See Increase captcha threshold for post editing and I am not a robot!


StackExchange sites already have community moderation, a ranked privilege system, and some anti-flooding measures, which have proven effective in preventing / dealing with spam. Moderators can also protect popular questions, which are specifically targeted by spammers because of their popularity. These systems make it very difficult for spammers to gain ...


I suspect it has something to do with IP addresses too. I got my first one this morning, answering a question on the train, on an Android tablet. I certainly didn't answer within 5 seconds of starting the answer, but I quite likely disconnected and reconnected between starting the answer and submitting it. So it could well have been triggered by a change in ...

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