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Congratulations with completing your first burninate-request all by your self :-) By removing the tag from the one and only question with that tag you made the tag eligible for the tag clean-up script that runs at 03:00 UTC. After that the tag will be gone. One burninate request down, 1000 more to go.


Sometimes MCVE does not prove to reproduce the bug, for example when the MCVE involves some random factor, such as date. When you run the MCVE, you may not touch the bug at the first run, but it may happen at the second or third run. I experienced this several days ago. I was provisioning a Vagrant Ubuntu virtual machine on an OS X. In my provision script I ...


... because it is, by definition, not possible to create an MCVE about a heisenbug. That's not actually true. The most common problems with heisenbugs are Undefined behavior of code called in large code bases, causing memory corruption elsewhere Use of uninitialized variables (which is merely UB of course) Untreated race conditions, that change behavior ...


Here are the IEEE definitions. argument an independent variable. a specific value of an independent variable. a constant, variable, or expression used in a call to a software module to specify data or program elements to be passed to that module parameter a variable that is given a constant value for a specified application. a constant, variable, or ...


it's Gabriel Engel here, founder of Rocket.Chat We will take a look at the articles linked here and will make our best to adjust to the guidelines. Thanks for the information!


Let's start with the 4 criteria for burnination (this was in the pop-up box when you added the burninate-request tag) Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? The excerpt looks fine. There's no wiki. Rocket.Chat is a widely deployed, open source, chat and collaboration platform created using ...


It is allowed that a (small) Open Source project or company has a tag on Stack Overflow. So let's not base our judgement based on that. You're right that most questions seem to be around the installation and configuration of the that tool which is off-topic. Some question though seem to be about integrating that product with other tool stacks. Most of ...


Per the tag's own wiki (emphasis mine), the tag is purely opinion-based: Design in programming is the act of making particular choices about how best to structure a program, to achieve goals of reliability, maintainability, correctness or ease of use. We should burninate it. Questions could conceivably exist with only this tag, but such questions ...


I have gone ahead and removed the android tag from the last three remaining question that had it. If no-one decides to rollback my re-tags or asks a new question with that tag, it will be gone at 03:00 UTC and hopefully never be seen again on meta.


We should keep the tag, because the more tags we have the easier we can find the right answers.

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