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How to defend this tag if it doesn't even have description. We don't know why someone created it. We could only guess. Most of questions are tagged redundant when 'redundant' word appears in question. It is very weak reason for existence of such tag. If there is context in which redundant has sense then someone should write it in tag wiki. Then we could do ...


I thought we got rid of rectangle, already: Remove [triangle]. Anyhow, I'll say the same thing about rectangle that I said there. It should be replaced with geometry (when it's actually geometry relate, of course). Additionally, there might also be cases where retagging ratio to something like math is appropriate.


You say that no one is an expert in strings; this reveals more about your lack of expertise than anyone else's. There are a number of string-processing algorithms (things like Levenshtein distance or Rabin-Karp search) with applicability to almost any language, and someone absolutely can be an expert in these string-processing techniques. It may be true ...


And it's done. Definitely a meta/sentence tag.


It looks like this tag doesn't have a very specific meaning, but people are using it sometimes if the question is related to something that is not visible/hidden/not rendered or something disappeared. Here are some examples (see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/invisible for more): Protractor : wait for element to become invisible/hidden Start ...


I went over those 35 questions with that tag and removed, retagged, edited and/or close voted, whatever was needed. The tag is now clear of questions and will be removed by the clean-up script that runs at 03:00 UTC.


After a good 45 minutes of combined work, the tag has been emptied. Now we wait for the auto-job to delete the tag.


NO, it should not be burninated. It provides a level of utility, doing several of the things described in the help center: describes the topic of the question sorting questions into specific, well-defined categories connects experts with questions helps you identify questions that are interesting or relevant to you On meta tags, Jeff's ...


Gosh, I'm famous! Maybe "Making trouble on meta" isn't how I would have wanted to get famous, but I'll take what I can get. Personally I don't think this tag adds very much once you've found a question, but if you're looking for a question it could be a useful search criterion. Compare the results of searches for: [4clojure] count a sequence [clojure] ...


It appears that from the wiki summary on factoring and the description of factoring on the wikipedia page on factorization that the author intended it to match the wikipedia page's description. Tag summary: operation of decomposing an object (typically an integer) into a product of other objects (typically its prime factors), also called ...


Well, consider this, isn't this tag a meta tag? Does it add anything that existing tags don't convey? Partially, yes: It provides context that the question relates to exercises, and that users who enjoy the clojure and dislikes 4clojure questions can ignore the tag. It helps filter questions. On the other hand, no: "4clojure" is not a specific technology. ...


For those pointing out that "helper" is a correct terminology in some frameworks, templating libraries, etc., I acknowledge that, but I doubt the value in an actual tag devoted to this particular mechanism. It makes more sense for it to be tagged by the framework/library, where it will garner some attention. The fact it's related to whatever the ...


Looking at the questions, it seems like "Helper" actually is the correct terminology for meteor. (According to comments, a new meteor-helper tag has been created and added to the intersection of meteor and helpers. So that's dealt with.) And all (that I saw) of the rest came from someone typing a sentence help me frob blah pls into keywords, and the ...


Just went through, re-tagging everything to something sane and downvoting the crap. (90%+ will be roomba-ed soon).


That tag has been removed from all posts. It will cease to be within 24 hours, when the dead tag script runs.


Burninated the tag! I have removed the tag from all tagged questions and improving/flagging them at the same time. Now, the question is, do we need to add "Do not use this tag!" to the tag info?


I don't see anything on the project euler website that prohibits people from posting answers on the web. In fact, if people wanted solutions, they could easily google it and be done with the day. There's no "terms of conditions" that I can find like this answer suggests. It may be a different story on the forums, however, you need to register an account in ...


Since there seems to be consensus and not a good reason for not-doing-it, lets list the problematic combinations as noted by Jongware: Replace all [android] + [layout] + [weight] for [android-layout-weight] x ~118 Fix tags of most of [fonts] + [weight] x 12 There isn't any other combination that seems problematic. There are many questions that lacks the ...


The remaining questions are a part of Stack Overflow's history. Or mistagged. Either way, there's no particularly good reason for using this tag on any new questions, so like hidden-features before it this is now blacklisted:


I did a part of this: I retagged the good questions. I did not retag the close-worthy questions and the questions I wasn't 100% sure about. These still have the 3rd-party-controls tag to make it easy to find them for review. I did not retag the on hold/closed questions in case they should be deleted. Stats after the first cleanup (30 Oct 2014, 19:00 ...

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