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All gone.


There is no legitimate use for tables Yes there is. Tables should indeed be used for tabular data because it makes semantic sense. Why would you have something like: <div class="row"> <div class="column"></div> <div class="column"></div> <div class="column"></div> </div> When: <table> ...


I would say this is a useful tag, since it seems to be to do with implementing trial functionality in software. It has other problems though. There are questions tagged trial because the trial version is being used, or a trial library, or a paypal trial payment. It might need replacement with something clearer like trial-version, but these offenders should ...


Obviously a meta tag, additionally poorly defined. The tag release is also in some cases used exactly like version (although in most cases it's used to indicate problems with various release operations/processes, meta tag as well). There are also tags versions (no wiki at all) which should be burninated as well. version-numbering doesn't look good as well. ...


This is a dramatization of what happened to the dell tag:

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