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Progress You can help out by reviewing the questions and answers in these tags and: flag or close questions that are duplicate/off-topic/unclear/too broad/opinion based; filter on these tags in the Close Vote Queue and review; vote on the questions and its answers; delete vote the question or answer(s) if there is nothing of value; editing to add value ...


I do not believe this is a meta tag. The priority tag attempts to indicate the user is asking about prioritization of a job or process or some internal priority ranking. Were it to be a meta tag, it would mean the question ITSELF WAS a priority and obviously that should be removed. I do not believe OP truly understood what a meta tag meant. Further, just ...


You can burnate it now but it might need to come back for real in 5-10 years. I expect a nosql standard to appear at some point in the future.


Bizarre. Apparently priority queues come up too rarely for the tag to be useful. Maybe we can do a lesser thing and edit the tag to say if this isn't task scheduling you have the wrong tag. Incidentally, the second newest question uses the tag correctly. Assigning priority to the tasks


I don't think these tags should be burninated. Instead the answer from Bill the Lizard on the suggested duplicate Tag merge request: bitwise operations should be taken on: bitwise-operators should probably be a synonym of bit-manipulation. (bitwise already is a synonym of bit-manipulation.) bit-shift, bit-shift-operators, and bitwise-shift all mean ...


planning-ai sounds like a good name. project-planning sounds like a tag that should be burninated, just as project-management. If someone likes to exhaust their close votes, dig around in these two project tags... there's so much crap to be found. I took a brief look through the posts tagged with them. The posts seem to fall into the following categories: ...


I personally do not think we should have a bold tag. When thinking about whether a tag is good or not, I always ask myself the question: Can someone be an expert on this topic? I am sure, there are some people fond of calligraphy that are experts on this, but on behalf of programming and StackOverflow, I do not think a bold tag really is what we should ...


Much as I love popcorn, please don't burninate the seeds. Split them into more appropriate tags instead.


The vast majority of these are about a PHP function named "unset". A good portion of the rest regard a bash command of the same name. There's some minor ambiguity here, but honestly I don't see where it's causing any harm; a few minutes spent cleaning up questions where it's used as a synonym for "null" would suffice.


I would say that even if it doesn't "follow" Shog's guideline, this tag is doing more harm than good... actually, there's no good, just harm (no ham, ham is good). "Why?" getElementsByClassName is commonly known as a Javascript function (I would say almost exclusive). The other programming context you can find it is VBA/VBScript. Those big two, right? Well, ...


I just removed the tag from that one question. The system will delete the tag automatically because it has no associated questions.


a pretty specific bit of tagging compared to the usual 'language' level tags That's not a reason to burninate anything. Given how often it is used, it's definitely not too specific. I'd say No, don't burninate. The tag doesn't meet the official criteria: Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? - Yes. Is it unambiguous? ...

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