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[visual-glich] is a weak tag used for a myriad of problems, neither of them being consistent between all their itteractions, and are normally non-reproducible outside OP's specific environment. Is the equivalent to having an error tag whenever you find an error. I say, let it burn.


Where the tag is only used on a handful of questions and you are sure that it's a bad tag, it's perfectly fine for you to just remove it yourself. If it was truly a useful flag then it will get recreated at some point. Burnination requests should really only be used for tags that are used on 100's of questions as editing all of these in one go would lead to ...


The source of a question, as in what tutorial / educative site or book it's from, is completely irrelevant. As such, I'd suggest burninating the tag, just as has been done with the Coursera tag. Basically, the tag doesn't add any useful information to the question. Edit: The burnination now appears to be status-completed.


skip around_filter with argument & block rails Something to do with Ruby on Rails SyntaxError: An invalid or illegal string was specified (jquery in mvc 5) Umm... jQuery, ASP.NET, what? Multithreading - how to invoke Action (C#) C# Can I have more actions in a form? (PHP) It couldn't be other thing but PHP? Invoke ...


The key point of the tag description is: A template for creating new objects that describes the common state(s) and behavior(s) In pure OO languages - then yes, I can see (somewhat - but not massively), how it could be considered redundant, but in multi-paradigm languages they're optional and for those languages class adds value and an at a glance idea ...


I think the tag can stay. It does add meaningful information to a post. The tag helps to classify questions to specific subject areas within a language; python class is, to me, meaningful. Python is not a pure OO language, so how to define classes and how they behave is a distinct subject area, setting it apart from python string or python ...


I edited the last post and the tag is now empty. It should be auto-deleted soon.


This does seem to be an irrelevant tag, but for such a low number of questions I'd simply edit them yourself. Given that you've got less than 2k reputation they'd have to be suggested edits so make sure that: You fix anything else you can see wrong with the post. You add a relevant comment as to why you're editing them. Point to this meta question in the ...


I agree with this - that tag is a meta tag at best, and plain terrible at worst. However, before we just flatly remove it from all the questions, I would suggest that we go through them (there's only 44) and see if they need to be closed. A quick survey of the tag revealed several that shouldn't be on the site, I'll try to do a more comprehensive review in ...


The answer to all "burninate" questions seems to be over here on meta: When to burninate In sum: don't fill up the edit queues. Only try to remove a tag if you have 2000 rep and can DIY. If you want to remove a tag, just start. Maybe ask for other people's input? Edit all the questions with that tag. Retag them. Improve them. Cast close votes. The tag ...


Yeah, the tag is all over the place, and coupled with some more, umm... tags of suspicious usefulness development-environment (106) and deployment (69), is very evident it needs thorough burnination.


The tag has been edited out. Will be removed from the system within 24h.


These are completely useless tags and should be met with burninated with the fury of a thousand suns. What prowess denotes a mere dabbler of the apostrophe from the full fledged master? In the VB world, a ' is your comment character whereas python uses ' as one of the 3 symbols you can use for string containment. Having these tags is every bit as useful ...


At this volume, you could just edit away all occurrences of the tag yourself.


Nobody is an expert on now. Nobody watches all questions specifically about now. Burn it now.


The majority of these are actually c-preprocessor questions, but there's unfortunately enough scattered use for other reasons that a manual cleanup is in order. I've blocked it to stop more from coming in, users trying to apply it will see this message: Please don't use 'define' as a tag, it is deprecated and will soon be removed. If you're talking ...


Its usage seems vague at best, including giving preference to C macros. For example: How do I define x given context y?. Substitute whatever value you wish for x and y, neither x or y benefits from a tag called define. It can probably just be done away with without incident ...But questions that are specifically about C macros that don't have a macros ...

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