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This appears to already have been burninated.


I agree. Such a source or inspiration of a question is irrelevant. This tag doesn't add any useful information related the problem to solve. I really don't understand why should anyone care whether the question comes from coursera, edx or any other learning site (well, regarding the comment discussion, I do understand why, but I still don't think this ...


It looks like someone has completed this work. [gb] no longer exists.


Merged - but NOT synonymized - with training-data. training and its former synonyms are no more - I agree that these were just inviting misuse.


From the look of things, this was a tag that mostly arose from folks trying to type titles into the tags field.


As far as I can tell, it isn't worth keeping. However, there are no questions tagged with only [cancel], so the tag is not preventing other more relevant tags from being placed on questions. I don't see how the tag is harming anything, and there are a lot of other actively harmful things going on that should be prioritized over burninating a merely useless ...


The tag has grown by a couple questions per day since May. When I first posted this answer, the latest post in the tag started out like this: I am trying to create a responsive html e-mail. Most of it is responding apart form my social media at the footer. I have one row of 6 different social medias. I want them to drop down to two rows with 3 ...


No experts in unsupporting? What is exactly unsupported? Does looking at this tag helps you understand what it is about? Unsupported screen orientation? Unsupported framework? It doesn't add anything. Would anyone search for unsupported? No. One follower? Foo. 88 questions? Out of 8m questions? Totals: ...


Presumably it could be useful to folks writing clones of the "Flappy Bird" game—an activity that, for whatever reason, appears to be somewhat popular. Now, I personally don't believe that folks should be writing Flappy Bird clones. Or CRM systems. But it's not my place to impose those personal preferences on others, who may not even have a say ...


Burninated pricing!


You bothered to write a meta post for 2 questions? Well… I removed the tag.


There was just one question left when I looked, and that just wanted retagging. Now it's all gone, automatic tag-cleanup will reap the tag soon.

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