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Before you wield your pitchforks and light your torches, there's a few other pieces here. magic-methods is a valid tag which relates to magic methods of any language. Questions that are tagged with magic and explicitly discuss magic methods should be retagged to magic-methods. magic-string and magic-numbers both exist in the system and have some relevance ...


Preserving spark-framework as a synonym of spark-java does not look worthwhile (the tag-names are too similar), thus I looked into simply burning it down: I added the single fact the first tag wiki had and the master didn't to the master (wikipedia-link). Then I manually re-tagged the 10 questions (for so few questions, that's ok). I looked for other ...


All the questions with that tag are closed / deleted and the tag has been removed from all the questions. The tag is now burninated!


I agree that [bus] is too broad to be a useful tag. While all the types of questions listed, except Matlab, are about some sort of bus (as observed), it's a pretty useless tag to filter something by. 'Show me all the "bus" questions because I'm good at that'... said no-one. Similarly, 'don't show me questions that have the "bus" tag because I can't ...


I removed the tag from those 16 questions. The tag itself will be removed when the clean-up script runs at 03:00 UTC

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