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Between the efforts of Bhargav Rao and Jonathan Leffler and sundry (at present unknown) other helpers, the calculated tag is about to hit the dustbin of history.


It has been burninated.


Alright, so this seems pretty popular. There are currently 1822 1,181 questions tagged source Editing Status There are going to be many on topic questions with this tag; the problem with it has more to do with how broad, meta and generally unhelpful the tag is, which has little to do with the quality of the underlying question. We should start with the ...


The changes have stopped. They should vanish entirely within the next 24 hours.


Note that there are a lot of other tags and work done on this so far. First of all, there was this effort from 10 months ago, though I agree this request is more broad. Here are the relevant tags: third-party - 448 questions, wiki third-party-code - 76 questions, no wiki third-party-api - 68 questions, no wiki third-party-controls - 50 questions, wiki ...


Migration is a bit too broad of a concept and should broken down a bit. Here is a proposal to cleanup the tag. Tags to burn as being too broad: migration x4775 migrate x435 migrating x58 code-migration x47 Replacement tags by concept: Language1 to Language2 => code-translation Migrating from one programming language to a different programming ...


m-file has been merged into matlab.


The tag has 90% .NET questions. Surely, what this tag mostly means is ASP.NET custom errors. "Custom errors" is the official name of the feature. The tag appears to be misnamed. I think the questions should be split into two groups: .NET questions should have the tag replaced by custom-errors. All other questions should have the tag removed. custom-errors ...


Having a tag be prone to abuse is reason enough to get rid of it, else there will be this constant battle to keep the tag un-abused. To me, this particular tag is not worth keeping. Maybe it should be replaced by parsing (or syntax-parsing).


real-world-haskell has been merged to haskell - so syn has been created.


Seems like after a year windows-universal is growing in questions and I think that along with realese of Windows 10 it will gain even more questions. In my opinion the best would be here a synonym. For those who aren't aware - there is a voting running. Four votes isn't that much, but seems like most users don't visit tag-info and rarely click on synonyms. ...


gcm and android-gcm -> google-cloud-messaging - merged and syn'd.


This tag was removed from the afflicted questions by πάντα ῥεῖ according to his comment, so this question can be and should be closed — the tag c-like has been incinerated because, as you can see, we collectively dislike the tag. In some ways, it is sad this question will continue to exist to immortalize the otherwise forgettable, but removing the tag makes ...

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