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I see no point in having a tag that is misspelled, and can't see it ever being a valid tag either.


You forgot to mention one thing: the questions tagged with it are a mashup of different languages. For example: JS CSS Java C# ActionScript This isn't a reason to keep it, however. It's used in too many contexts to be useful. You have my vote for burnination.


I do not believe this is a meta tag. The priority tag attempts to indicate the user is asking about prioritization of a job or process or some internal priority ranking. Were it to be a meta tag, it would mean the question ITSELF WAS a priority and obviously that should be removed. I do not believe OP truly understood what a meta tag meant. Further, just ...


I'm only familiar with ipython vs ipython-notebook, but since Jupyter is a spin-off of IPython (extended with a lot of features, as well as languages beyond Python such as Julia and R), the situation is similar (as also verified by the comment of @Ffisegydd). jupyter, as a whole, stands for the entire project, which contains among other things an ...


We must burninate this tag since it is a result of misspelling. There is no point keeping something on the site which is wrongly spelt.


Thanks everyone, for giving this priority! This tag has been... All priority questions have been reviewed and either edited or closed and deleted.


As the one who originally asked about burninating tiny tags, I will tell you that you didn't need to make an entire Meta post about this. With one question you have several options that you could have done: If the question is completely off topic, flag or close vote it. Talk to the author of the question Remove it yourself and maybe add a more relevant ...


The setstyle tag is now empty and is ready for the next step.


Here are all the tags matching *blink*: blink× 167 an open source rendering engine forked from WebKit. It is included in Google Chrome 28+ and Opera 14+. Blink includes a different multiprocess architecture than WebKit2, and the V8… 35 asked this year dblink× 226 An object or module that enables access to a remote database. 5 ...


Considering: The 5 most linked questions aren't even in the same language (python, objetive-c, c#, sql and vim) No user consistently posts questions on this tag (bunch of one answer on the top users page) Removing whitespaces as far as it goes depends heavily on the context of the problem, and unlike others similar cases, it isn't even a programing ...


I think in this case a synonym would be best, as that way the questions don't fill up the front page with the edits etc. Looking at Google Trends, it seems to be a common enough misspelling to give some long term benefit to a synonym.

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