Some changes to questions, such as edits or receiving new answers, will "bump" them back onto the site's front page where the changes can be vetted by other users.

Things that will bump a question:

  • editing the question1
  • retagging the question4
  • closing the question
  • reopening the question1
  • posting a new answer
  • editing an answer (even a deleted one)2
  • adding a bounty

Things that will not bump a question:

  • flagging
  • adding/editing/deleting comments
  • pending suggested edits on question or answers
  • up/down votes on question
  • close/reopen votes on question1
  • up/down votes on answers
  • undeleting an answer3

or see What can cause my question to be bumped?

Copied from respective tag wiki at MSE

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