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That very first question that you asked was what was holding you down. Yeah, there's no way that could have been salvaged. However, it looks like some of your newer (and much better) questions managed to get some attention, and you're no longer blocked. We've, fortunately, fixed this for folks that have created accounts since mid-September. The way we were ...


It is the same situation as following: No, it isn't. Bumping has a purpose. The reason editing posts bumps them to the front page is to give other readers an opportunity to review the posts that were edited, as well as the edits, in context, especially if the edits are substantial. Instead of removing a useful feature, I suggest you simply only edit ...


It got bumped when you edited it. It got bumped a lot, because you edited it a lot. ...the problem is, most of your edits were kinda pointless. If folks didn't care much about reading it the first time, you didn't really give them any good reasons to do so the second or sixth or tenth times you edited. ...In fact, you probably made it worse by sticking a ...


Yes, very minor edits should be bumped. There's potential for abuse, and very minor edits are the easiest to proofread. There's not a good enough reason to suppress them from review.


Reopened questions don't show up on "newest" since they aren't actually new. That view is sorted in reverse chronological order by the date and time when questions were originally asked. Reopening a question "bumps" it up to the top of the "active" view, though, which on all sites except Stack Overflow also happens to be the default homepage view.


All questions are bumped up to the active tab when they are edited. If a user has less than 2k reputation and he/she suggests an edit in somebody else's post, the suggested-edit needs to be approved to bump up the question. If the suggestion is rejected, the question won't bump up. Self edits will bump up posts immediately. Be aware that a bumping is a ...


We could the option to mark a edit as "minor" (like in wikipedia) should be available to higher rep editors. A minor edit could be restricted to say retagging, and perhaps some other algorithmically recognisable changes. We could have a Minor edit review list/page, containing the last ~15 minor edits per page. Like a second front page where only minor edit ...


They won't be marked as new, but they will show up under the "Active" tab on the front page as "modified".


These questions most likely have been edited, which bumps them to the top of the list. This way, they can be re-viewed and possibly reopened.

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