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Looking at the comment he posted, this is the actual URL he was trying to use to close the question: /questions/24957905/retrieve-y-value-from-density-function-of-given-x-value/2495800 Notice the number on the end there? That happens to be the ID number for the answer to this question: Am I able to run SQL functions on a ContentResolver columns query? ...


Not a bug, but actually 2 different edits by the same user: The first was rejected automatically because someone with full edit privileges edited the post (namely you) while the suggested edit was still pending. This is by design to prevent suggested edit collision between 2 different users. The system is designed to prefer edits from users will full edit ...


Yes this is a bug in DownloadHelper 5.3.0. Version 5.3.1 has been reported to fix the issue. This last version is under review at Mozilla but can be installed from now from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/video-downloadhelper/versions/?page=1#version-5.3.1


That's not really a bug, it is simply what happens when a tag has a wiki, but no excerpt. It is possible for example that the author of the wiki suggested both the main part and the excerpt, but only the main body was accepted. Adding an excerpt fixes things.


Found it - I had a look on my profile and this is because I had a apparently added sql to my "Ignored tags" list. With the "Grayed Out" behaviour.


When a user was removed, and with them any reputation gained, the calculations for the graph did not have data to account for the split between posts that such a user voted on that were deleted and those that were not. The effect was that some votes got added twice for this calculation and not once. We have now added accounting for these and are ...


This appears to be fixed (or is about to be). From this answer at Meta Stack Exchange: This was my bad when fixing some localization issues. A fix will be pushed out shortly.


This is by design. It is yesterday for someone somewhere in the world still. Relative dates take this into account. Up to 24 hours ago is today, up to 48 hours ago is yesterday. You can always hover over a relative date to see the absolute timestamp, in ISO 8601 format. Times are always in the UTC timezone.

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