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They're intentionally stripped so that the numbers fit in more cases. Not to worry; the top number is always the number of upvotes and the lower one is always the number of downvotes, and a hover-tip explains this for those who might be unfamiliar. See also: Vote split does not include leading sign when count exceeds 99


The margin between list items is added in .post-text ul li, .wmd-preview ul li, .post-text ol li, .wmd-preview ol li { margin-bottom: .5em; } So it affects posts and previews. The bio preview is also a preview, but the bio is not a post. Either make the bio a post, or set the margin to the bio too ....


To Johannes Kuhn: good find, trouble maker :) Next build will implement Servy's suggestion: @Deduplicator You could automatically resolve it by immediately clearing all close as duplicate flags when the target question is closed as a duplicate of the current question (leaving all other types of close votes, as well as duplicates for other targets). ...


This has been fixed. We made some changes to mobile views that ended up leaking to all views inadvertently. Should be all good now <3


Edit 2: I believe we found the cause of this, please retry now. TL;DR is that our CDN automatically retried GET requests that returned a 500, which is why we saw it in our logs, but you don't see it on your side. We have now disabled that feature so the CDN won't generate a 2nd request. Edit: Thanks for your comments. I'm seeing some strange requests in ...


Thanks for bringing this up - I had not seen it before! I have fixed the issue by calling trim() on the CSS input prior to passing it through to the beautifier method, since it's a third party script and I could not find any configuration options that would fix the issue. It will be live in the next build: (meta: > rev 2016.6.28.4687, site: > rev 2016....


There was an issue where a tracked tag badge's progress wouldn't get updated when you viewed your profile. This has now been fixed. I didn't catch it, as the unit tests didn't use a user that still had privileges; this has been also fixed. Note that there's still around 10 minutes of caching each time you view your own profile between updates. I am sorry ...


We've had this problem a couple of times and it's kind of difficult to fix for the general case... Basically we use Google's geo-coder under the hood and it identifies "Male, Maldives" as a geocoded location of type administrative_area_level_1 and political. Our geocoding implementation takes that and infers it to be a state or region. Sadly we can't change ...


Good spot! We had a subtle bug that meant distance units weren't respected all the time. The recent search indicates the actual search that was run. I've fixed it and pushed a new build. Thanks for the report :)


From Which browsers are officially supported, and what else do I need? we support the last two versions of the browsers that we see the vast majority of our visitors actually use. So your browser is probably not enough used by users. And it's possible that it's just your browser that don't implements web standards of the moment (HTML 5 , CSS3, ...)


Next build will introduce a better error message when fetching comments on a deleted post: This post has been deleted and its comments are no longer available Note this only applies to users without the Moderator tools privilege.

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