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According to this comment by a SE employee they are going to stop using Cloudflare as their CDN/DDOS solution soon so it should be fixed from next month: I am on the SRE team for Stack Exchange/Stack Overflow which is mentioned in the article. We are a paying customer of CloudFlare but have had a lot of issues with 503 errors (edge cannot reach our ...


Tor has an article about CloudFlare's problems; briefly: CloudFlare appears to never un-block/un-soft-block IP addresses that have ever been used for spam (or, perhaps, other malicious purposes). Given the nature of Tor, this means that upwards of 80% of Tor exit nodes have already been "tainted", and the percentage is increasing steadily over time. ...


Well, if we're going to mess up encoding: double-encoding is far preferable to not encoding at all. This is entirely our fault, of course. It will be fixed - hopefully today. Looks OK to me now: <title>User Juan Cort&#233;s - Stack Overflow</title> ... <meta name="twitter:title" property="og:title" itemprop="title name" ...


This should be fixed shortly. Basically, we have a syntax that indicates "affects pluralization", and we hadn't used it (the difference between in $foo$ days and in #foo# days, if you want unnecessarily and unusable detail). This meant it didn't have the necessarily pluralization variants for us to tweak. 2 per variable in English, many more for some other ...


My guess is that when you started reviewing, the queue size was a little more than 200, so the limit was 40. After you reviewed 30 posts, the size got below 200, so the limit got back to 20. That's why it shows "Thank you for reviewing 20 low quality posts", while you reviewed 30. I don't think this bug is worth fixing. Edit: I don't know if something has ...


You didn't receive the email that warned you about your upcoming status change due to a bug on our end. I've fixed this, so you'll now be able to opt in or out of email notification buckets as you wish. This email is currently bucketed in Reminders, so if you subscribe to that bucket, you'll start receiving these particular emails again. You're correct ...


This will be fixed in the next build; just some minor confusion over two similar names ("closed" vs "closes")


Answering my question after seeing the comment from Gothdo: The display in my history has been updated. Apparently Stack Overflow corrects that kind of display errors after a while. It took a few hours, I should have waited a bit before posting here.


You're using the the wrong query. The /answers/{ids} query returns the answers which have the specified ID numbers (up to 100). Since you provided a sole question ID, that result set is empty because there are no answers with that ID number. If you want to get all the answers that are under a question with a specific ID, you need to use the ...


You're absolutely right. The code and text there is biased from the days when only the post owner could start a bounty - which hasn't been the case for quite some time. Any future emails (after the next build) will be sensitive to whether you (the bounty owner) are also the post owner or not.


Before an overhaul of the suggested edits review queue, there was only Approve, Reject and Edit. Edit had a checkmark specifying if "mark this edit as helpful" which was enabled by default. The user in question unchecked the mark, which caused that community rejected the edit. I'm not sure if these details are included in the data dump, but I think they can ...


First and foremost, you should familiarize yourself with why Community will step in and review a post. You can read more in Why does the Community ♦ user approve and reject edits? but the short version is A reviewer either improves an edit, or rejects and replaces it with a different edit A user with full edit privileges saves an edit over yours ...


Thanks for reporting this bug. It runs properly now! (Hard refresh for caching might be required). I have modified Stack Snippets to include the console in the <head> tag which alleviates DOM assumptions.


This is status-bydesign; the accepted answer is always stuck to the top, regardless of votes or other activity. Mike M. also mentioned that: Self accepts do not stick the answer to the top. This is to highlight the answer that the OP found helpful (and therefore accepted), but may not be the best or most cohesive answer.


I have another example of the same issue. Question git ignore exception has comment possible duplicate of Exceptions in .gitignore – wallyk ↵ Feb 27 '12 at 9:26 but "Linked" sidebar doesn't show it as linked question. The referred question Exceptions in .gitignore also doesn't have the first question as linked.


Our Careers application sporadically failed to communicate with the Stack Exchange API v2 (used to retrieve tag information). It is now resolved, thanks for your report!


Whenever the reminder is shown, that is when you can vote, and only then. This functionality is unique to Triage; all other queues either allow no voting at all, or allow voting in the first page on all posts. (In fact, the Looks OK result page is also unique to Triage.) The reasoning for this is the same as some problems for FP/LA that have not yet been ...


The documentation is correct, but a little confusing. Basically, that page is describing the error-type in a specific API: (/errors). It is entirely correct to say that this API returns a description, error_id and error_name for each possible error that the system chooses to advertise. This is completely unrelated to the "what happens when an actual API ...


Carbine's edit was at ... May 4 at 10:31:38 Your edit was at ........... May 4 at 10:31:57 I highly suspect that this was some sort of race condition. If you would have waited a tiny bit longer, it would have told you another edit was made already. This isn't your fault. It's just a risk of editing new questions. We should ideally find a way to fix the ...


You need a postive question record. If you click on the badge, it will show this.

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