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All you have to do is click the little question mark icon at the very right of the formatting options (above the yellow help bar). That toggles the help bar on/off. I'm pretty sure, though, that the help bar is supposed to shift the textarea down far enough so that the help bar doesn't overlap it. Hopefully they'll get that fixed before pushing the new ...


It seems like the user copied the text without the dot. The actual message is with a dot, and the message does not get duplicated, I have checked that here in this review item. There was already a review comment (with a dot), and I selected the same comment -- there is still only one comment.


This was caused by an optimization that's meant to decrease work when awarding hats by only looking at recently awarded badges, and that didn't take the peculiarity of the Epic badge into account (it counts as awarded at the start of the 50th rep cap day). I have removed that optimization for the badge-based hats, and you have just been awarded the Werewolf ...


This is because https is not fully implemented yet and hence unsupported. There are issues with the format of the meta urls and getting a sensible number of certificates. Once these are resolved then https will be officially supported.


Unless it's formatted in a code block (i.e., four spaces or forward-quotes), StackOverflow renders the post as HTML. Because of this, anything resembling an HTML tag (i.e., enclosed in angular brackets, <>, will not be displayed as text). TL;DR - just indent the block four space by selecting it all and pressing CTRL+k, and you should be fine.

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