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Thanks to the help of Shadow Wizard, I have patched this loophole in our security. The fix will be live in the next prod build (> rev 2014.7.3.2354). All of us at Stack Exchange are huge fans of transparency and openness, but we have chosen not to reveal the details of this exploit. The reasoning is that it would likely stir a "witch hunt" of users trying ...


Thank you for the bug report. This bug was twofold: an issue in the Open ID provider code, combined with an issue in the Stack Exchange site code checking the validity of a display name. Both have now been corrected and your display name will carry through upon registration. This will be live in the next prod release.


I decided that your request for this change Looks OK and so I changed the wording. It'll be live in the next prod build (> rev 2014.7.9.2357).


The User was removed event is purely informative, the rep change doesn't actually apply to the day it is recorded. Instead, the removed votes affect the days on which they were cast. Those days are recalculated, re-applying the rep cap as needed. In other words, you did not actually lose 20 points today. The votes were removed as if never cast, possibly ...


That's how markdown works. By adding the bold text, the list numbering resets. If you want to keep the numbering going on, you need to make the bold text part of the list, by indenting it: 1. Item **bold text** 2. Another Item Produces: Item bold text Another Item


Servy and others have explained this rather well. Voting to close questions is independent of answering them. To quote gunr2171, "If the question should be closed, regardless of the answers (even your own), it should be closed." This was discussed in the past - quoting Mad Scientist: I don't see this as a conflict of interest, if you answered the ...


Remember, the reason this was finally blocked was an epidemic of very lazy people posting these comments - to the point where folks weren't even bothering to read other comments on the question first, much less read the actual question itself. I'm not gonna play some cat and mouse game with folks who really, truly, absolutely must ask - heck, I built the ...


You should be able to outright nuke these sorts of comments with a comment flag. I believe it's the "obsolete" flag, but the "not constructive" flag may work as well. Just tried it with the "not constructive flag, and yes, it is removed. Truth be told, I've noticed these popping up and I've just flagged them instead. It's simple enough to do, and while ...

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