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Well, this is fun. It may or may not be related to new login stuff: we really aren't sure, since we can't reproduce this behaviour. One thing that we did see in the traffic logs is that clicking the "log in" button multiple times can result in the second request being considered suspicious if the first request takes a long time to complete. By the time your ...


That is caused by question merges. If an newer question is designate as the master, the answers of the older question(s) could have a creation date earlier than the master question. This is very much by design. There are several cases like this one as answered by Martijn Pieters and this one with an answer from Marc Gravell Here is the query that list ...


That answer's syntax is incorrect. The user that posted the answer copied only a part of the string: His code: a.totalsum LIKE REPLACE(' . $search . ", ',', '.')" Should have been: 'a.totalsum LIKE REPLACE(' . $search . ", ',', '.')" Then the syntax highlighter works just fine. In the example, I'll mark string starts with +, string characters ...


A fix for this issue has been pushed. There was yet another place where questions were deleted. I have added the bounty check there to preserve these. Thanks for the report.


It's not formatting correctly because it's inside a numbered list, inside a bulleted list. Each additional level of nesting requires another 4 spaces of indentation to get formatted as code. So in this case, you need 12 leading spaces.

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