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No idea what's going on here. Presumably /review just hates Freedom. I turned switches and flipped knobs randomly until it started loading. I'm reluctant to call it fixed though.


There are a number of things you need to remember. The Stack Exchange "day" is based on UTC so you need to work out a local time that's somewhere in the middle of the UTC "day" to ensure that you have some leeway in when you visit. I can see you're based in the US which is 5-8 hours behind UTC. So if you visit at noon every day you should get the badge. ...


You are experiencing Undefined Behaviour :-) As said by jonrsharpe and PatrickHofman, you shall have a blank line above indented code. As you did not have it, things went bad : the quality filter correctly noticed that your source text was incorrect the renderer correctly guessed that you intended to have the blank line, and cleverly did as if it had been ...


Notice that where the link starts in your comment is where you have a [ character in the comment (as a part of the regex). This is a meaningful character in markdown, the start of link character. You can escape it with a slash (\) to ensure that it's treated as a literal. Below is that same comment with the escaped character, as a comment. Here is the ...


Finally this is fixed, (sorry for late answer to update). Cheers!! Sample screenshot:


If we look at the tags and their info we can see a pattern if the into starts with [tag] is rest of the tag info Then the tag info on the tag page drops that out and you get rest of the tag info. If the tag does not start with [tag] is then you start from the begingin of the info. Take javascript. The info is JavaScript (not to be confused with ...


This works now. If you edit your question (or look at the live-rendered version), you'll see that "KMP" is a link. Note that you have actually mark it as a link, like you did with [...](...). Free-form link recognition is stricter when trying to guess which parts of the text you probably want to have hyperlinked.


This is fair enough - at least in this spot, there is enough space that we do not need to round quite as much as it currently is. With you in the next build.


No code was not showing correctly in the first revision. If the reviewers would have switch to viewing the markdown instead of the the rendered view they would have seen that the code was there originally and only need to be indented to make a code block.

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