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Sorry about that. I'd hoped the other rate-limits we'd built in over the past couple of years would pick up the slack here, but... That didn't quite happen. Here's a handy graph of users who hit the new-user asking limit per week, by week: And here's a corresponding graph of users who hit the question-block, just so you can see that there's no real ...


The CSS contains several instances of \9 (escape code for TAB character) causing things to break. A bug report has been made here: Bad CSS in Meta


It's now fixed and will be live on production really soon :).


The correct way to format multiple lines of code in markdown is to indent each line 4 spaces in. The OP has used a single ` mark at the start and end of the whole listing, which is not correct - these are for inline code. As result, only the first line of their markup shows up as code, but the rest is not visible as it is rendered with tags. This is not a ...


This answer was from 2009, and there was likely something wrong with the Markdown parser when that answer was originally posted. The rendered output gets permanently stored for each post, and only updated when the post gets edited. So whatever bug was there has been showing through all this time. Any edit whatsoever to that post would have forced it to be ...


This should be fixed. Was an interim issue caused by some testing I was doing. Should've only lasted a few minutes. Thanks for reporting!


Classical case of A fix will that verify the audit is sill valid before showing it to the user is rolling out in the next build (build rev 2016.5.4.4471 on MSE/MSO, 2016.5.4.3536 on sites). This bug was specific to the close and reopen review queues.


I have pushed a "reload" instruction to the servers, which will hopefully fix this for now, but we are aware that this is an occasional bug. The good news is that we are in the process of completely overhauling the code that drives this, which should resolve a range of stability and performance issues, while also removing a metric ton of tech debt that has ...


The badge only calculates positive reputation events for the day. Easy rule to follow: anything that is red (negative) will not be counted when calculating whether or not you hit the 200 mark, as far as the badge goes. The green (positive) events have some additional criteria, such as the association bonus and reversals not contributing to the badge check.


This has nothing to do with Stack Overflow or code snippets. You fixed the problem by adding a newer version of jQuery. jQuery SVG, why can't I addClass? Regarding your suggested edit, please don't edit questions to fix them. That completely defeats the purpose of this site.


As vol7ron mentions, there is a p:last-of-type rule that's zeroing out the margin on any p that's the last within its parent in the context of a ul, ol, for whatever reason: .post-text ul p:last-of-type, .wmd-preview ul p:last-of-type, .post-text ol p:last-of-type, .wmd-preview ol p:last-of-type { margin-bottom: 0; } One proposed fix is to just get ...


Using double backticks seems to work: What I typed: This is a test ``\`` comment


The CodePlex APIs ( for contributions are limited to information on projects you own. There is no way to get information on contributions you made to projects owned by others. However, the way in which open source work is referenced is changing for the Developer Story (currently in private beta). It is expected that ...


The actual bug here was that you didn't get that popup when you accidentally pressed backspace. A fix for this will be rolling out in the next build (build rev 2016.5.3.4464 on MSE/MSO, 2016.5.3.3531 on sites).


This is now fixed. The problem was occurring because we weren't resetting the UI state when you navigated to the next user.

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