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I don't think that the proposed edit is a good way to deal with dead links. In this special case, the strike-through tags introduced invalid HTML, as mentioned by @MikeMcCaughan. In general, strike-through text introduces a revision history within the post. This shouldn't be, because we have the revision history for that. A post should always contain the ...


The question list uses some kind of AJAX to fetch pages beyond the first. Clicking the page number 5 makes the browser load and update the current page with the received data. Because the site doesn't rewrite the browser history, the URL that the browser shows you stays the ...


Close it. The question doesn't have the information contained in it to answer it, so I wouldn't bother looking for a duplicate that could fit it. If the OP elects to come back to edit it and fill in more details and code, then they can, but closing it is the best option here.

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