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They're ordered by time to bounty expiring (ascending).


This is fixed and it will be out in the next build (#2568)


It's not for receiving the bounty. That badge is awarded for you creating a bounty on your own question and then actually giving it to someone, rather than letting Community auto-award it or letting it expire.


You earn the badge by awarding a bounty to an answer on your own question; both the question and the bounty you set on it are your own, but not the answer. See the central badges FAQ: Benefactor bronze; awarded once Award a bounty on your own question Awarding means manually selecting a bounty winner; letting the system auto-award half ...


You are not allowed to post a 50 point bounty to a question that you have posted an answer to. This is to prevent people from posing 50 point bounties to all of their own answers in the hopes of generating additional rep from upvotes due to the additional attention. At a minimum you're forced to invest 100 rep. If you didn't have an answer to that ...


The FAQ does answer what happens when a bounty expires but the question has no answers: If there's no answer meeting those criteria, the bounty is not awarded to anyone. Combined with: All bounties are paid for up front and non-refundable under any circumstances. at the top, it should be painfully obvious that when there are no answers, and the ...


You have to pay for a bounty upfront, and no refunds are possible, according to http://stackoverflow.com/help/bounty


It's the presence of the bounty that puts the question on the "featured" tab, where they are ordered by expiry date - with the ones that expire soonest appearing first in the list. The amount is incidental to this process. All the amount of the bounty possibly influences is whether people answer or not. Adding a concurrent bounty isn't really going to ...

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