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There's no way to flag the bounty itself and flagging the question or the answer doesn't seem appropriate. Why not? That's exactly what you should do. Flag the post and explain the situation to a mod.


I'm not so convinced that the answer here is the problem. 1 Your question is explaining a certain problem in only textual form, with a single link to documentation. Personally I don't find it a very clear problem statement or what you actually want as an answer. If I run into that same problem in my own code implementation I would have to link your text to ...


I don't believe this is the same user. I was the one who deleted the account that left the bounty, because it was a sock puppet of another (now suspended) account. I didn't invalidate the bounty because people had left good answers in an attempt to win it, and didn't want to cheat them of the system-awarded half bounty. I've checked all the users involved ...


You actually hadn't awarded the bounty - all you had done was marked an answer as accepted. Fortunately when you mark an answer as accepted, we assume that you wanted to award the bounty to that answer too and automatically select that answer for the full bounty amount when the bounty expires. It was auto-selected for you, but based on a selection you had ...


At least it does not say 1 bountieS... Should be fixed in next build (build rev 2015.11.13.3870 on MSO, 2015.11.13.2982 on SO).


I would think you should not be trying to cancel some other person's bounty, they should be free to spend their rep as they see fit, even on things you consider foolhardy. Note that the question itself is okay (according to you, though I make no judgment on that myself) so it shouldn't be touched. The first comment bounty giver seems to use is: Looking ...


I would get my bounty points refunded to my account Think of the cost of a bounty as coming from the greater visibility of your question on the featured page, of attracting more people to the question and compete to answer it. It's like paying to have your advertisement in the local newspaper for a week. It's still a gamble either way, and you might ...

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