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There are no qualifying answers, and your bounty will just expire without being auto-awarded. To auto-award, one of the the following two conditions must be met: You accepted an answer (not your own) that was posted after the bounty started, or An answer (not your own) was posted after the bounty was started that has a score of 2 or higher. It is ...


Statistically speaking, I have no idea. Anecdotally speaking, bounties are a toss-up. For difficult questions (the ones I find I need bounties on, since otherwise the question scrolls off before it gets enough attention), they attract a lot of poor answers from people who didn't actually read the question and think I'm asking something much simpler. But I ...


You should not really be asking on Stack Overflow if your question is that urgent. If your deadline is that close or the problem is critical to the project and you hit a brick wall with your problem, then you should be talking to your boss/client to explain the situation and agree a plan of action, not asking a rushed, possibly ill-thought out question on ...


We already have that functionality. First click on Start a bounty: then pick the last option on the list: Then wait at least 24 hours and award it to the answer you wanted to reward. Waiting longer is an option; the extra attention drawn to the question could lead to extra upvotes for the answer too. There are no limits on answer score ...


Should the bounty be lost in these cases? Yes, it should be. This is also covered in the Help Center: You cannot award a bounty to your own answer This is not a bug. I also don't agree with this feature-request. One reason to place a bounty is to get more users to read the question and possibly provide a good answer. You placed the bounty and your ...


This is definitely not a bug, it is status-bydesign. There is no such thing as "Closed as Resolved" on any Stack Exchange site. Yes you might have accepted an answer, but that doesn't signal the end of your questions life or usefulness. Users with the same problem may find your question while doing their own research. Maybe your answer helped them, but ...


Sorry about that. Fixed now; you can award the bounty.


No. There is no guarantee that a bounty will have any net effect, beside page views. If the technology isn't used very wide, or people don't like the question, they are free to skip the question. As stated very clearly in the help, bounties are non-refundable, for any reason. But no worry, I am sure this meta post will get you some attention.


If you need urgent help, money can provide urgent help.


When you post a bounty you're paying for the additional attention to your post. If you want to have twice as much attention in the form of twice as much time on the featured list, then you're going to need to pay for multiple bounties. Keep in mind that having bounties last two or three weeks means that there will be many more active bounties at any given ...


Here's a very quick query to count the views on posts for the previous month (September 2014): Data Explorer - Post View Count vs Bounty View Count Results: AvgPostViewsSept2014 | AvgBountyViewsSept2014 ============================================= 35 | 114 114 / 35 = 3.257 (times more views with a bounty) This is based on ...


You can filter question lists by 'featured' to list those with a bounty:


Nope. You don't have to award the bounty to anyone. Also answer acceptance has nothing to do with bounties. If your answer gains 2 up-votes before the bounty expires then there's a chance that some of the bounty will automatically awarded to you.


As far as I can remember the "top user" calculation uses votes as it needs to be specific to that tag. Your reputation is the sum of (upvotes + acceptances + bounties earned) - (downvotes + bounties started), there's no way of getting back to the specific reputation earned in each tag from this aggregated value. So bounties won't lower the value.


This is an occasional and unfortunate side effect of the mechanisms of caching that we use to keep this site functioning and speedy despite getting tens of millions of visitors per month. Sometimes certain queries (such as the one to count the featured questions) take a little longer than expected and get cached in a bad state for a period of time. Although ...


Answers posted by the person setting the bounty are never eligible for a bounty. This also applies to automatic awarding! The automatic bounty will go to the answer that is either: Not created by the bounty setter, has been posted after the bounty started and was marked as accepted (by the bounty setter) during the bounty period. It'll be awarded the full ...


See "What is a bounty?" in the help-center. It is quite simply: You can award the bounty to anyone else's answer you like, after waiting at least one day, and before the grace-period ends (7d bounty-period + 1d grace-period). Otherwise, if you posted someone else's answer after starting the bounty, that one will be awarded the bounty. Otherwise, half will ...

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