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Should this be flagged as spam or is it ok? Is this an isolated case for the user? Do they disclose that the link is to their own blog? If so, move on. Not a problem. When someone posts a link to their blog for a longer/larger/more comprehensive discussion of their own answer (or even an answer by someone else), where the blog completely answers the ...


No, this is a bug. Marked as completed, as we fixed the immediate issue (blog post showing up twice). We still need to look at the underlying cause.


You cannot create an account on blog.stackoverflow / blog.stackexchange - they are not part of and operate with a completely different software configuration. Fortunately, you don't need to. On posts that allow commenting (new posts only), just enter your name and email address, and your comment will be posted under that name and ...


No, it's not acceptable to promote your own blog. By that I mean where all or almost all of your answers are just linking to your blog. The occasional answer that links to your blog is OK. You can, however, provide an answer that you've previously published on your blog as long as you include the relevant parts of the answer in the answer and the link is ...


Updated after further testing: I am identified and can post comments on the Security, SU and DIY sites, but not on the Stack Exchange blog itself. Initially I believed it is a setting specifically set on the SE blog ( however from a comment by @ShadowWizard I checked further. I can comment on posts from June and July, but not from ...


Thanks for letting us know. I've updated the blog post with the correct link.


I am logged in to Disqus. Below the comments it says: PDF link is broken. Old version available here:

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