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I'm going to venture a guess, that the badge is awarded when the counter for consecutive days in your profile (visited X days, Y consecutive) first exceeds 100. That only happens once.


Personally, I'd say it's unnecessary to add a small caption to every badge that can't be awarded for whatever reason. If a user really wants to know why they can't get, for example, the precognitive badge, they'll just search; which will just lead them back to the mentioned posts, thus giving them a more than sufficient explanation than, This badge ...


let me quote Martijn: All sites list all badges even if you cannot earn them, and child metas are no exception. You cannot earn Promoter on a child meta site, but it still is listed because all badges are listed everywhere.


Badges are used to encourage or discourage user behaviour. For something to be worth a badge, it must be something that Stack Exchange wants to encourage or discourage. Stack Overflow gets more than enough visits during the weekdays, so there is no need to encourage it with a badge. The opposite of what you propose would be more likely: a badge to encourage ...


Congratulations! You received a badge for asking questions on 5 separate days where none of those questions were not downvoted, deleted or closed! Quoting from the central badges FAQ: Curious bronze; awarded once Asked a well-received question on 5 separate days, and maintained a positive question record Any open question that is not ...


When I first joined StackOverflow, I was a newbie to web design/programming. I honestly had no idea what I was doing and I was on an adventure to create a web application since it was something I was passionate about. I asked the following question on Stack, and it was voted to be closed shortly afterwards due to the fact that it contained no code on my ...


The badge is for views, nothing else. Closed questions are still visible, so still get views, including searchers coming in from Google, so there isn't a reason they shouldn't be eligible for the badge. Sure, there are bad closed questions that don't necessarily deserve the badge, but bad closed questions usually will get deleted long before it gets ...


The problem with having a badge which is "highest voted answer" is that if someone topples you then you lose the badge. I think the SO team try to avoid situations where you can lose badges[citation needed] [citation needed]: I'm sure I read this on an answer a day or two ago but can't remember where!


Should the Socratic badge be awarded multiple times? Not directly The golden badges for review, for example, are not awarded for every 1000 reviews. But, as we have tag badges for answers, applying the same (or similar) criteria for asking questions in a particular tag is the idea that I'd recommend to think about. There are many experts in ...


The precise criteria for this badge are in Asking days badges; it's a bit more complicated than the short one-sentence description makes it seem. Depending on your view point, there are two possible answers to your question "Which questions did I receive the badge for?". All of them. Every single question you asked comes into play for this badge. If it's ...


Well, according to the Gold Badges page, answer section: Great Answer: Answer score of 100 or more - 14.6k awarded Populist: Highest scoring answer that outscored an accepted answer with score of more than 10 by more than 2x - 5.6k awarded Reversal: Provided answer of +20 score to a question of -5 score - 183 awarded Unsung Hero: Zero ...


You can simply go to your profile, click on questions, and sort by votes. http://stackoverflow.com/users/1407421/mehdi-lotfi?tab=questions&sort=votes Yes, it's possible that the top ~30 won't be the exact 30 that got you the badge, but it is pretty effective. And should be correct as long as you don't have any negative scored questions/closed questions ...


I don't think these should be multiple-award (nor should the others which currently aren't). I agree with animuson's answer that it would make them inconsistent with other badges, but it's also inconsistent with what badges stand for in general. Badges have always been there to encourage a positive behavior, but this one encourages several negative ...


I would go for it, but have the number of good question days double for each badge. 100 200 400 800 ... This could be extended to cover Marshal and Legendary pretty easily. At first glance, the double-gold seems overly easy, but because most of such badges have a roughly "half way to gold" silver badge, the distance between badges is still doubling. On ...


This badge was newly introduced today, and so it was retroactively awarded to over 130000 users. That kind of volume unfortunately isn't what the awarding process is optimized for. You already (sort of) had the badge when the notification was sent, but it only registered when all the new badges were handled. We're looking at ways to improve this, but in the ...


New badges are implemented to nudge the Stack Exchange community in the right direction. They are designed to give people an incentive to behave in a certain way. For example, the Unsung Hero and Tenacious badges are meant to encourage answers in low-volume tags (solve questions, but you won't be rewarded with upvotes). The process by which they are ...


I don't think the Socratic badge should be awarded multiple times, simply for consistency with other gold badges like Marshal and Legendary, which would not continue awarding gold badges for having another 500 helpful flags or earning 200 reputation on another 150 days. It just doesn't make sense to have one badge that doesn't follow the norm of the other ...


Please see the MSE question about it: Asking days badges A well-received question is one that's open, not deleted, and has a score > 0.


Should the Socratic badge be awarded multiple times? Yes. Thinking up 100 good questions which haven't been asked before is hard enough, but the second 100 will be even harder and we should definitely acknowledge people who manage it.


You opened http://meta.stackoverflow.com/ . Badges are saved on a per-site basis. Visit http://stackoverflow.com/ to see your set of badges on there. You also got "Yearling" twice, because you've been a member of the Stack Exchange network for over 2 years (1 for each year), but apparently visited meta for the first time, today.


You've already realised that badges earned on Stack Overflow don't carry over to Meta. You earn badges separately here. As for the reputation - it's sync'd once an hour so at any time is going to be different. It'll catch up eventually.


Yes, you need at least 6 answers that are accepted and still at 0 when they are at least 10 days old. They need to make up at least 20% of all your accepted answers (over 10 days old). The badge exists to encourage answering in less-popular tags, where you may get a lot of questions from new users that cannot yet vote. There is a gold version of the badge ...


It's because some of the questions/answers you've voted on have been deleted, thus giving you back your vote(s) to cast again. Votes on deleted posts do not count toward your daily allotment. [source]


From the List of all badges with full descriptions: Populist gold; awarded multiple times Provide an answer that meets all of the following criteria (source): it is the highest scoring answer on the question (source) it does not have the accepted checkmark it has a score of 23 or more it has more than double the score of the accepted ...


It means the accepted answer has to have a score of more than 10. So basically your answer has to score more than 22. If the accepted answer has a score of 11 you have to get to 23, if it has 12 you have to get to 25 (and so on). See here for more information


In general, if no foul play caused a badge to be awarded (say, a badge for good answer but due to sock-puppet upvotes), even if the conditions that caused a badge to be earned are no longer true, the badge will remain. We don't revoke badges, unless there was fraud involved in getting them in the first place. The above is true for "regular" badges - tag ...


When two accounts are merged, badges from the deleted account are re-awarded to the kept account. This includes badges that can no longer be earned on a site; as a rule, if one of your merged accounts had a badge, your newer account will have it too.


This query will likely help you. https://data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/78402/how-many-more-accepted-answers-do-i-need-until-tenacious-unsung-hero Just enter your userid in the input box http://stackoverflow.com/users/1407421/mehdi-lotfi ^^^^^^^ - thats your userid yay!!! I tested it with my id and it seems to ...


first answer scoring 2 This doesn't mean the first answer posted must score 2, but the first answer that reaches the score of 2. So as long as your answer hits 2+ before all the others, you'll get the badge.

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