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He earned that badge for a question which is currently deleted (only visible to 10K users). That is the reason it isn't visible to you.


The FAQ no longer exists and you can no longer earn the Analytical badge, hence the "(retired)" at the end of the description. It was replaced by the tour page which will earn you the Informed badge for reading.


You have two different profiles: one for Stack Overflow and one for Meta Stack Overflow. While your reputation here on Meta is inherited from your main Stack Overflow account, your badges are not. You earned Peer Pressure on Stack Overflow. You earned Good Question on Meta Stack Overflow. So no, you won't see both of them listed because you are following ...


It took me a few reads first time I saw it too. As animuson has made clear, there are two separate requirements. However, there's only one sentence, and while this can usually be fine, in this scenario the first requirement is also the same topic (question votes) as the second. So it seems like the second requirement is an additional reference to the ...


They are two separate requirements, and get separated as such: Voted on 600 questions Out of all the votes you've cast, at least 600 of them have been on questions. 25% or more of total votes are on questions Out of all the votes you've cast, at least 25% of them have been on questions.


If you look at your profile, you can see your current score for each tag: Hovering over the score (not the tag or the total post count) will give you a breakdown of the questions and answers score. Alternatively, from the main page for the tag you can click on "Top Users" in the info panel which will give you the stats for that tag. Your current position ...


Your total score for answers in that tag, where score is the net sum of all upvotes minus all downvotes you received on answers with the java tag. You must have provided at least 200 non-wiki answers to questions with the java tag to qualify. It is not your reputation that is counted here. You can find out your current score by hovering over the tag score ...


You need to have gotten at least 1000 upvotes (at least, as score == upvotes - downvotes) on non-community answers on questions that are tagged with that tag. There should be at least 200 different questions where you got such upvotes.


I got my two publicist badges by posting links to the questions on Reddit. Easy as that. I'm not a badge whore but just wanted to see if it was possible, and it definitely was. I didn't feel like the Reddit community appreciated my posts very much, but a lot of people clicked on the links none the less. So no, I don't think it's anything out of the ordinary ...


Maybe that individual just has a very large following in the programming community (Think about Jon Skeet).


There was a bug that prevented awarding when the post owner was deleted - note you can't get the badge for your own posts, so we weren't properly accounting for null owners in this check. A fix has been pushed and you now have the badge.


Why should someone be 'punished' for asking a question? For you it might be funny and laughable, for them it may take hours to actually solve the problem. So the answer is no, we should not have this kind of badge.


You don't receive notifications for certain bronze badges once you reach the 'association bonus' reputation level; you are considered a veteran now. Custodian is such a badge. See Prevent the 'Notification Fiesta'.


Stack Overflow retrieves the information which users deserve the badge via an HTTP request from chat. And this request was made without a specific timeout value, which means it used our default of 3000 ms. And apparently in June we crossed the line where chat had little enough messages for this calculation to take less than three seconds (lots of graph ...


Tag badges can be taken away. If an answer is deleted or downvoted, you could drop below the threshold and lose the badge if you now have fewer than 20 qualifying answers or your total score for the tag dropped below 100 again. You gained the badge, lost it, then gained it again. When you lose a tag badge, it is removed from your activity log as well, ...

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