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Of course, it counts, but it is nowhere published yet. You may look at: How do I check how close I am to win Announcer, Booster or Publicist badge?. There is a feature request to develop and release it.


This is not a bug, but just a quirk of the system. animuson put it best in the comments: The tracker is correct. After you received the badge, this question was downvoted and no longer counts as a well-received question since it is now zero-scored. So now you only have 4. We just don't retract already-earned badges if you fall below the requirements ...


I don't believe this information is exposed anywhere. You could post a feature-request for this to be implemented - I'd be curious to see this kind of information too.


The answer is yes, that does count to the Unsung Hero/Tenacious badges: We check the net score, so a post with 1 upvote and 1 downvote would qualify as a "zero score" answer. A negatively downvoted post with a net negative would not qualify.


You have been awarded the badge. You can see it from the link: https://stackoverflow.com/help/badges/5/organizer?userid=4260544


You already have yearling 3 times on both SO and Meta. Seeing as you've been a member for for 3 years and 7 months, everything seems to be correct.


Close votes don't count as flags. Since you have the 3k close votes privilege, you cast a close vote instead of a flag when closing questions. So you won't be able submit any flags by closing questions. Instead, you'll have to submit other kinds of flags. Your remaining options are: spam offensive very low quality not an answer custom (in need of ...


To add on to this excellent answer, if you don't yet have either the Epic or Legendary badges, you can use the badge tracker to give yourself an exact readout of how much reputation on MSO you've earned on a given day. Things like accepted or unaccepted answers don't count towards the readout.


On Stack Overflow, there are badges that are awarded after earning particular reputation, do these badges exist on meta and how are they awarded? Yes they do exist. At the time of writing 4 users have the Legendary badge on meta for earning 200 daily reputation 150 times and 16 have Epic for hitting this 50 times. There is no official way of ...


You can see a simulation of the reputation you would have if SO Meta actually tracked it by checking this Virtual Meta Rep query. It doesn't include tag wiki suggestions, the +2 from accepting answers, the -1 penalty from downvoting someone else's answer, the 1-rep floor, or the daily rep cap, so it's not totally accurate, but it's fairly close for most of ...


How to check total Stack Overflow META reputations? As Ken notes, meta does not affect reputation in anyway (positively or negatively). Instead, meta reputation is just synced with your SO reputation every so often. In Stack Overflow, Badges are awarded ... in META do we have such process? Yes badges are awarded on meta. They are earned ...


There is no SO Meta reputation. Questions asked and answered on Meta SO do not earn or lose reputation, so the reputation here is exactly the same as the reputation you have on SO itself. Votes on questions and answers on Meta SO do not affect reputation in any way.


From a query on SEDE we can see that Jon Skeet has the most of all classes. (We knew that already.) Some other interesting facts about the badge count: Jon Skeet has roughly twice as many Gold, Silver and Bronze badges as the next user in each list. Jon Skeet has more Gold badges than the reputation of 96.21% of all Stack Overflow users. (99.67% Silver, ...


I took the SEDE query referenced in this answer and extended it a bit. It has a break out of all of the users' badges, and you'll see that the actual answer is still...Jon Skeet, hands down. Query


According to this SEDE query, it's Jon Skeet by a wide margin. At least on Stack Overflow. There is also: Top 100 users with most gold badges


Here's a function that you can run to figure out which user currently has the most badges. The parameter is optional and can specify gold, silver, or bronze. function userWithMostBadges(badgeType) { return "Jon Skeet"; } Note this function only works for Stack Overflow, not other SE sites (or meta sites).

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