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I just so happened to come across this and wanted to offer a non-SO point of view, as I believe this rightfully belongs on MSE as badges affect the entire Stack Exchange network. I think this is a wonderful idea and have wondered myself why there isn't a silver and bronze level badge for this. On the site I'm most active on, we take pride in keeping out ...


I think you're looking at this all the wrong way, I'm afraid. You're seeing rep as "money", something to gift people as a kindness. But it's not "money". It's an indicator of trust (as Tim says) so what you're doing here is openly planning to artificially make the system trust you less and artificially make it trust some other people more. If you just ...


One should never push code right before going on vacation. The bug has been fixed, a test has been written, and any incorrectly-awarded badges have been revoked. Your topbar's achievement list has also been cleaned. My apologies.


We have badges that lead folks to discover the various ways they can use the bounty system, and I think they're sufficient. I don't want to provide too much incentive for bounties because I want people to be able to hang onto privileges that they earned and hopefully use them. At the core of the design, rep is a measurement of how much the system trusts ...


A badge for posting consistently good content is a good idea. There's a series of badges for consistently asking good questions. The problem with your proposal is that it does not really capture consistently good answerers. You propose rewarding users who have a high median score on their posts. This incentivizes posting high-score answers, which reputation ...


No, there is no tolerance - you have to have logged in and done something for 100 consecutive UTC days. I wouldn't "work" for this one, if it happens it happens but it doesn't actually help you at all. If you want a badge work for one of the ones that help you or the community.


Here is a SEDE query: Generalist Badge Progress. This is from the much more extensive list of SEDE queries for badge progress on MSE: Badge progress reports.


Until the cost of calculating and tracking Generalist can come down a bit, StinkingBadges has been capable of tracking this very thing for years. It'd be nice if this were baked in to the system, as we've already got support for a decent number of badges, but until that time comes, the app will suffice.


No, wiki excerpts don't count, only the main body. From the badge's deploy announcement: I wanted to add a push to wiki editing, not excerpt editing (which is forced anyway). So... the badge counts distinct tag wikis you edit excluding excerpts.


If you feel that you can positively improve a tag wiki, you could edit it. Remember to be unbiased and factual, citing sources or creating links to off-site documents when possible to help supplement your content. A relevant piece from the Help Center article: What should I write in the tag wiki? See the guidelines in the blog post announcing tag ...


The best indicator of a "good question" or "good answer" is by the number of upvotes each has, but upvotes mean something different in each case. Upvotes on an answer means the community agrees that the answer was correct and helpful. It indicates that the poster of the answer is knowledgeable. If the poster posts enough answers like that, it even ...


I don't see what this would get us in terms of positive behaviour from users. The tag badges are also called expert badges; you have proven to be an expert in the subject because you answered enough posts with enough of a score. But if you asked many such questions, you are not an expert, you are someone who asked questions about the subject, something we ...


Based on this query on data.SE the meanings of the terms are as follows: Well-received: Question score is positive and the question isn’t closed. Maintaining a positive question record: Equation (sum(total) - sum(negative) - sum(closed)) / sum(total) yields over 0.5 for all your questions. 100 separate days: Not included in that query, but basically ...


Here are the rules for the Sportsmanship badge: Cast 100 upvotes on competing answers If you answer a question and earn a score of at least one, all other answers to that question are considered "competing answers" Upvotes you cast before you post your own answer do not count Deleted posts do not count Retracted votes do not count ...


Not all badges come instantly or even within a few minutes of you meeting the criteria. It will depend on how expensive the query is to run, but you can usually guarantee that you'll have the badge once UTC midnight (+- an hour or two) comes round. I would expect that the Explainer badge as it has to check your answer time against the time the question was ...


Because it is far harder to reach. There are only 24 people on the site that have managed to earn the badge. Besides, moderation isn't all about answering loads of questions; it is about knowing about the whole system and what kinds of problems you need to deal with as a moderator. And that's what the candidate score is trying to tell you: an easy to ...


The Meta site has no chat rooms, so it's impossible to get any chat badges.


The answer on Meta Stack Exchange is, that not all Badges are trackable. Most of the ones they don't show as trackable are those that tracking would impact performance. Here is the link to the answer.


This is a wiki answer. Anything that's not this. (There's a small checkbox at the bottom right of the answer textbox. Community wiki answers are basically answers that most people (even with lower reputations) can edit and improve upon. Generally, they can add upon these answers very quickly, without getting stuck in review queues. It's an answer where ...


Yes, a post is either a question or an answer. So for the Quorum badge, just one question or one answer with score 2 or up will do. For the Convention badge, you need 10 posts; that can be 10 questions, 10 answers, or any combination of the two, as long as they have a score of 2 or higher. Also see the Stack Exchange Glossary - Dictionary of Commonly-Used ...


Post is either a question or answer.


Moderation (3 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze) Civic Duty (silver) Cleanup (bronze) Deputy (silver) Electorate (gold) Marshal (gold) Reviewer (silver) Sportsmanship (silver) Steward (gold) Editing (1 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze) Copy Editor (gold) Explainer (bronze) Organizer (bronze) Refiner (silver) Strunk & White (silver) Tag Editor (bronze) ...


I agree with the answer given here but would like to add (and yes as a seperate answer): Reputation and badges is certainly a measurement of something. If this is a valid measurement of 'knowledge, skills and ability' depends on how you would define that 'knowledge, skill or ability'. e.g. reputation is certainly a valid measurement of the 'ability to ...


This is already being implemented. See Help us test the shiny new "User Activity" page! (Plus a bunch of new features.) over on Meta Stack Exchange: The feature (together with the user activity page redesign) is being tested on that site, come help iron out the bugs!


You are looking at your Meta Stack Overflow profile which has the same rep but different badges. Your Stack Overflow profile still shows 5 badges.

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