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Badges are awarded for positive actions. Once you figure out you can only earn "Peer Pressure" once, it becomes all about generating positively scoring content. And that's hard for many new users regardless of their motivations. So I don't think that the rush to get badges like "Curious" (Ask a good question on 5 separate days, and maintain a positive ...


I don't believe this is actually a problem. Yeah, it's easy to ask a question, and it's easy to accept an answer on a question. But I think a lot of these new users don't even realize they can get badges for these things until they've received one. If they were just trying to gain badges, more of them would have the "Informed" badge- All you have to do is ...


I think I might have misunderstood the description. In particular I might have misunderstood what a "tag edit" is. I understood a "tag edit" to be an edit of the tag description. It might be that a "tag edit" refers to changing how a post is tagged. Thank you @Frédéric Hamidi for putting me on the right track with your comment.


You have at least one question with a down vote. As you have only 5 visible questions at this moment that down vote makes that you don't qualify for the rule: need positive question record


Yes, you can, but you have to pay for them yourself. And of course anyone can buy this item and pretend they earned it. http://www.nerdmeritbadges.com/products/stack-overflow-gold


As far as I'm concerned, that time does not exist. I'd like to introduce you to a 24 hour clock. 0:00 is midnight. For the rest of your question, about why this badge is awarded at midnight instead of through out the day, I imagine it's because the badge is a "daily" badge: Earn 200 daily reputation 150 times. Since reputation can go up and ...


Badges on the main site and meta are calculated separately. So this is not a bug, but the intended behavior. On the main site, you have 4 badges. On meta you have 1. That's the fluctuation you are seeing.


The other ones don't show up because it would require additional UI to choose which review queue you want to track, unless you're proposing that it just always select the one nearest to completion. But then you wouldn't be able to use the tracker if you've already earned one for any queue, because it would always attempt to select one that's completed. So ...


There is not an easy way to find how you've earned that. You or someone else have shared a link with your User ID. Every time someones visits Stack Overflow with a link that has your User ID and the referrer is not another Stack Overflow page, it will count towards you. As you don't remember posting it in a Blog, Twitter or Facebook, probably someone else ...


It has often been the case that other people and organisations will use the sharing links already published when they publicise a link. It has also been know for them to append a random (or perhaps not so random) number which happens to be someone's user id. This gives you (the random user) a free badge. There's no way of finding where these links were ...


There is a Badges button at the top of every page: This leads to: http://meta.stackoverflow.com/help/badges (On MSO) If you want the Stack Overflow one: http://stackoverflow.com/help/badges


Yes, this is intentional. Last first man standing wins the badge.


According to your profile you've only voted 36 times today. Of course you could have voted for some questions that have been deleted but it's more likely you voted on 25 answers before voting on at least 10 questions. Once you've voted on 25 answers the vote countdown starts and you can only vote 5 more times.


This is the answer coming from Why is my electorate badge not showing up? The new profile tracker does put a checkmark on the badge once you meet the requirements. Awarding the badge takes a bit longer, and, as far I can see, you've got it. So once you see such a checkmark, you can be sure the badge is already flying to you on the big wings.


[Y]ou receive badges for being especially helpful. The point of badges is to show that you've done something that is outside of the ask/edit/answer flow that is most common. Several of these badges are the result of reputation, showing that you are doing something right. The badge is a little pat on the back saying "Good Job! Keep doing what you are ...


There are a number of things you need to remember. The Stack Exchange "day" is based on UTC so you need to work out a local time that's somewhere in the middle of the UTC "day" to ensure that you have some leeway in when you visit. I can see you're based in the US which is 5-8 hours behind UTC. So if you visit at noon every day you should get the badge. ...

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