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Looking at the comment he posted, this is the actual URL he was trying to use to close the question: /questions/24957905/retrieve-y-value-from-density-function-of-given-x-value/2495800 Notice the number on the end there? That happens to be the ID number for the answer to this question: Am I able to run SQL functions on a ContentResolver columns query? ...


From List of all badges with full descriptions. "Any open question that is not deleted and has a of score >= 1 is considered well-received" It explains the formula as well. The wording may have been changed, but AFAIU the requirements haven't.


There is no "close badge". There are review badges, but when you visit a post directly you are not reviewing existing post closures. You cannot vote to leave a post open outside the review queue, for example. You get badges for participating in the review process, and as part of that process you get to vote to close or to leave open posts. It is not the ...


This appears to be fixed (or is about to be). From this answer at Meta Stack Exchange: This was my bad when fixing some localization issues. A fix will be pushed out shortly.

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