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That user did not get the badge easily They have asked nearly 500 questions but don't have a Socratic badge yet! That Inquisitive badge only required 30 days with good questions, the question to ask is why they haven't reached 100 such days yet. Their overall record is good enough. With so many questions asked, their ratio of downvoted, closed or deleted ...


You need to have edited 80 unique posts that have not since been deleted, none of which can be your own. Tag-only edits also don't count. The editor tab does not make those distinctions, so the count there cannot be used as a guide. See List of all badges with full descriptions; from the Strunk & White entry: Perform a total of 80 edits between ...


This isn't a bug, but intended behavior. The badge was awarded due to taking some corrective action on a post by another person (in this case a downvote). Though it was done by mistake, the system has no way to know that. And badges are not revoked, so... enjoy your new shiny badge :)


Congratulations! You now have review privileges, which put you in a crucial place to help the community. As a new reviewer, you are first taught how to help new users in the First Posts and Late Answers review queues. The object of these queues is to introduce new users to the moderation policies of this site and to help them gain some footing to begin ...


Additionally, I found this tool which enables you to check on how many edits you have made towards earning the "Editor", "Strunk & White", and "Copy Editor" badges Link here

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