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There are far fewer new posts each day on Meta and many posts affect everyone; that translates to more eyeballs per post than an answer in a specialist subject on Stack Overflow will attract. That is quite apart from the extra attention afforded to hot questions (score 3 or up, no older than 3 days) that are featured on just about all pages on Stack ...


Those badges are related to the review process: You can edit questions and answers in the suggested edits queue, hence Copy Editor. You can vote in the first posts queue, hence Civic Duty and Electorate. A long, long time ago you could vote in the close and low quality queues too (correct me if I'm wrong). You can still open the question through the link ...


You think that the difficulty level seems to be out of whack to achieve a pretty epic 100 votes on an answer. However, there are many examples on Stack Overflow where users have received a Great Answer gold badge for a two-liner post, just like you received a Famous Question gold badge on your question. Both the badges happen to be in different leagues. ...


Some backend shenanigans were in play. Some internal services were not resolving correctly - they are now. Thanks for reporting!


The Data Explorer runs on a copy of the SE database, this copy is updated every week or so. To get the current reputation you would have to run the queries on the production database. Allowing random users to query the production database would obviously be a terrible idea.


Looks perfectly fine to me. You: Voted on 600 questions and 25% or more of total votes are on questions So you voted 600 times on questions. Those 600 votes make up at least 25% of all your questions, so you voted at most 2400 times with 1800 votes on answers instead.


You earn the badge by awarding a bounty to an answer on your own question; both the question and the bounty you set on it are your own, but not the answer. See the central badges FAQ: Benefactor bronze; awarded once Award a bounty on your own question Awarding means manually selecting a bounty winner; letting the system auto-award half ...


You can see the number of revisions in your profile, by visiting the activity tab and then sorting by "revisions" in the sub-options. It will show you the total number of post edits that you've made or, for you, have been approved (since you have to suggest edits). Your link is here: ...


Participatory democracy works better on meta than on SO. By clicking on the question/answer score, you will see that the displayed score is usually the result of a more balanced votes. Maybe this is only caused by the fact questions here are often "opinion based" ? Anyway, we are definitively prompt to vote here. And to share our opinion, as you can see by ...


Low views = 60 or below. No votes = no up/downvotes, which is not necessarily a score of zero: if one person upvotes and one downvotes, your question says "0," but there have been two votes, so your question doesn't qualify. No answers and no comments are both self-explanatory. You mention the Precognitive Badge, but you give the description for the Beta ...


At least 25% of your total vote count has to be on questions. Say, you voted on 600 questions and on 1200 answers, 33% of your votes are on questions. That's 33% of a total of 1800 votes. The only improvement I could suggest is to make the word "total" in that badge's description bold.


It's not for receiving the bounty. That badge is awarded for you creating a bounty on your own question and then actually giving it to someone, rather than letting Community auto-award it or letting it expire.

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible