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From the badges FAQ on meta.SE The Stack Exchange administration has stated repeatedly that "regular" badges never go away unless they were obtained by heinous cheating. Tag badges, on the other hand, disappear immediately if you ever cease to meet their criteria, which could happen through deletion or downvotes. So since Tumbleweed is a ...


Yes, this is intentional. Earn a score of 40 on an answer to a question you did not ask, and earn the accepted checkmark for that same answer Is it right? Perhaps not. Being able to get a self-accepted answer with a score of 40 or more isn't all that common; it'd be nice to be recognized for that.


I disagree with this suggestion: Accepted answers provide the largest rep gain per "action" already (Bounties and Association Bonus aside). Do they really need more rewards? As you mentioned: "One of the possible advantages is that it encourages users to provide better quality answers and refrain from unproductive contributions." I don't think this will ...


Turns out I wasn't eligible; it took me a little while to find out why. Not just any approved edit qualifies; it has to modify body or title. My edit only added two tags. Here's another reference that clearly states tag-only edits don't qualify.


We already have numerous badges to reward asking questions, I don't think having a badge related to asking questions in a specific tag would add any value. The idea of the tag badges is to show expertise in the area (as you said), which I'm not sure asking questions would qualify. Also, when a user reaches a gold badge for a tag, they get super powers ...


The Announcer badge (and it's silver and gold compatriots) only count links from outside the Stack Exchange network. Given that the default way of obtaining a link is to use the "share" option which adds your user id it can't really be described as farming - especially given point 1 above. Given point 1 above whether you leave the user id in or edit it out ...

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