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It looks like the first eligible answer which happened to score 2 was downvoted 2 days ago, dropping it to 1. This made your answer the oldest answer with a score of 2 or more. Technically, you were the second answer to score 2 or more, but the badge script apparently doesn't take into account that there was a prior answer which had already earned Revival, ...


Badges will not be taken away, even if at some point the criteria for achieving them is not met any more. Regular badges, once earned, are not taken away (at least not automatically). Tag badges (earned for a score + minimum number of posts in a tag) are taken away when you no longer meet the criteria, and if any badge was earned through heinous ...


Bronze badges are ones that in the main are designed to introduce you to some feature of the system that you've not tried before and that you may not know about. If you delete your post, you lose the rep it gained, it's possible you've never done that before and not realised it, well now you know and when you undelete it you learn that you get the rep back ...


This is a forthcoming badge for Documentation - it wasn't meant to be enabled just yet. A build will soon disable this badge until Documentation is live on a given site. However, if you've chosen to track this badge, you'll need to choose a different one manually, because I'm too lazy* to remove your choice :P Good eyes finding it, though! * or too ...


Does it takes time to show the earned badge? Yes, it does. Badges are awarded through a scheduled job - some every 5 minutes, some hourly, some daily. Be patient.


In Minecraft, you earn an achievement just for opening your inventory. The achievement is called, well, 'Taking Inventory'. Many games work like this, and Stack Overflow was influenced by game design. The list of bronze badges are similar to a list of in-game achievements that are mostly darkened out, with a few glimmering to get your attention, also ...


Caching. Always caching. Be patient.


Am I wrong? Yes, you are... It was always 100. I took a look at our revision history - the number 100 was there 5 years ago.


Looking at your list of edits on your profile, I see what I believe to be the cause of your issue. Your last few edits don't count for the badge. Tag only edits, or edits that only change the tags of a question, do not count for the badge. The last edit you made that counted for the badge was a tag wiki edit on March 11th for the keystone tag. From the MSE ...


10 posts with score of 2 or more on meta Good catch! And that's not all. There are 5 or more other unstated points in the Convention Badge description: All numbers are in decimal. No sock puppets may be used acquire the score. "On" does not mean physically on top of. Posts need not include freehand red circles to qualify. Jon Skeet is eligible. ... ...


It has not been discontinued, as you can see on the Tumbleweed badge page it has been awarded last just a few minutes ago. Not all badges show up in the "Next badge" window. The Tumbleweed is one of them that don't.


The badge only calculates positive reputation events for the day. Easy rule to follow: anything that is red (negative) will not be counted when calculating whether or not you hit the 200 mark, as far as the badge goes. The green (positive) events have some additional criteria, such as the association bonus and reversals not contributing to the badge check.


When I actively joined the community in the past, many of my accepted answers initially were zero score and I earned the "unsung hero" badge after some time. However over time many of these answers have been upvoted multiple times, probably by other readers. Hence I think the badge may reflect the new, active member with many answers too recent to be ...


This would be a little more clear: Edit and answer 500 questions (both actions for each question within 12 hours, answer score > 0) Or perhaps something like what Patrice suggested.


No, it's not discontinued, just extremely hard to get with so many users. Not all badges can be tracked. Other badges which apply to a single question (e.g. Nice Question) can't be tracked either.


No, it's still an eligible badge, but the traffic that the site gets, combined with review queues specifically designed to draw a certain amount of attention to posts that would otherwise not get any, means that it's extremely difficult for a post to just not get any attention.


The badges don't appear immediately. The badges are awarded by scripts, that run at different times. I don't see either badge on your profile yet. Give it a little time. I'm not entirely sure about this, but: I believe that "Vox Populi" and "Suffrage" should appear within 24 hours.

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