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Should the Socratic badge be awarded multiple times? Yes. Thinking up 100 good questions which haven't been asked before is hard enough, but the second 100 will be even harder and we should definitely acknowledge people who manage it.


I think a less-confusing wording would be: Do the following 50 times: Edit a question within 12 hours of posting a positive-scoring answer to it


If you spend your time answering questions in low traffic tags from 1-rep users (who can't upvote) it is entirely possible to have good answers that do not get any upvotes. That is the purpose of the badge - to offer some reward for users who spend a lot of time in low traffic tags. However, if you spend a lot of time in high traffic tags and you don't get ...


I don't think the Socratic badge should be awarded multiple times, simply for consistency with other gold badges like Marshal and Legendary, which would not continue awarding gold badges for having another 500 helpful flags or earning 200 reputation on another 150 days. It just doesn't make sense to have one badge that doesn't follow the norm of the other ...


Yes, this is intentional. Last first man standing wins the badge.


The share link includes your userid. My share link for your question is: # ------ ^^^^^^ 274712 is the question id, 100297 is my userid on Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow. Answers have similar links; the id for this answer is 274713, so the share link for this answer, ...


Because on Meta you earn separate badges. Reputation, however, is shared between the main site and the child Meta. I simply haven't earned any gold badges on Meta yet, it's still early days, Meta Stack Overflow has not been around all that long. I do have a few on Stack Overflow itself, where my 251k reputation comes from. Note that Meta Stack Exchange is ...


I would go for it, but have the number of good question days double for each badge. 100 200 400 800 ... This could be extended to cover Marshal and Legendary pretty easily. At first glance, the double-gold seems overly easy, but because most of such badges have a roughly "half way to gold" silver badge, the distance between badges is still doubling. On ...


Consider this scenario. You answer a question with what you believe to be a correct answer, it gets upvoted because others think the same. You then realise, perhaps some time later, that the method will cause problems with another part of the user's code but you're not sure what the new correct answer should be, or another user has posted an answer that ...


We have badges that lead folks to discover the various ways they can use the bounty system, and I think they're sufficient. I don't want to provide too much incentive for bounties because I want people to be able to hang onto privileges that they earned and hopefully use them. At the core of the design, rep is a measurement of how much the system trusts ...


It's because some of the questions/answers you've voted on have been deleted, thus giving you back your vote(s) to cast again. Votes on deleted posts do not count toward your daily allotment. [source]


I think "net upvotes" would be a lot clearer than "total score".


The vote count on your profile summary is cached. It'll almost certainly be out of date and you already cast those 5 extra votes. In other words: holds the key.


Lesson learned: don't write copy before coffee! Changes building out now...


From the badges FAQ on meta.SE The Stack Exchange administration has stated repeatedly that "regular" badges never go away unless they were obtained by heinous cheating. Tag badges, on the other hand, disappear immediately if you ever cease to meet their criteria, which could happen through deletion or downvotes. So since Tumbleweed is a ...


Looking at the comment he posted, this is the actual URL he was trying to use to close the question: /questions/24957905/retrieve-y-value-from-density-function-of-given-x-value/2495800 Notice the number on the end there? That happens to be the ID number for the answer to this question: Am I able to run SQL functions on a ContentResolver columns query? ...


When two accounts are merged, badges from the deleted account are re-awarded to the kept account. This includes badges that can no longer be earned on a site; as a rule, if one of your merged accounts had a badge, your newer account will have it too.


I assume by "secret badge" you mean a badge awarded to a user that is not documented in the Help Center's list of badges. We can run the following query to find awarded badges that are not tag badges and not in the documented list of badges: SELECT DISTINCT Name FROM Badges WHERE Name NOT IN (SELECT TagName FROM Tags) AND Name NOT IN ...


Because your post doesn't add anything better than another answer, and the other answer includes everything that your post did, plus more. For example, your post could just contain the correct working code, whereas another post would contain that, as well as a detailed explanation. Thus, you might as well just delete your answer.


NOTE - After writing the question I realized how the Yearling badge is awarded: you get it once for every year that you've been a member and you have more than 200 * Number_of_years of reputation. Independently of when that reputation was earned, or when you got the previous Yearling badge, which is counter-intuitive as it leads to things like this: ...


You can use search; look for 0-score accepted answers by you that are at least 10 days old, so user:me is:a isaccepted:1 score:0 created:..10d. You have 11 matching answers, out of 39 accepted answers older than 10 days, giving you both criteria (more than 10 and at least 25%). You'll have to manually subtract self-answers (which are excluded from the ...


I think you're looking at this all the wrong way, I'm afraid. You're seeing rep as "money", something to gift people as a kindness. But it's not "money". It's an indicator of trust (as Tim says) so what you're doing here is openly planning to artificially make the system trust you less and artificially make it trust some other people more. It's like kindly ...


Badges on the main site and meta are calculated separately. So this is not a bug, but the intended behavior. On the main site, you have 4 badges. On meta you have 1. That's the fluctuation you are seeing.


Yes, this is intentional. Earn a score of 40 on an answer to a question you did not ask, and earn the accepted checkmark for that same answer Is it right? Perhaps not. Being able to get a self-accepted answer with a score of 40 or more isn't all that common; it'd be nice to be recognized for that.


Questions tend to be useful when they're common to multiple people and answered well, neither of which necessarily speaks to the skill of the asker, the quality of the writing, or really much of anything in the post. That said, this particular question is not useful, and probably attracted that many views due to a woefully misleading title. As it had ...


Because the badge fairy is granting you extra badges. Enjoy. Technically this site has always existed. It's just been broken off from MSE, which has also always existed. Something something Eastasia.


I got my two publicist badges by posting links to the questions on Reddit. Easy as that. I'm not a badge whore but just wanted to see if it was possible, and it definitely was. I didn't feel like the Reddit community appreciated my posts very much, but a lot of people clicked on the links none the less. So no, I don't think it's anything out of the ordinary ...


This user appears to be either a sock puppet or a member of a voting ring. The user bumped a two-year-old question with what was essentially an abridged copy of the accepted answer, and their answer was then upvoted enough times to gain them voting privileges. The answer was deleted by the review process — no spam flags were involved here, although ...


Yes, they'll lose their badge if they no longer meet the qualifications. Tag badges are directly contingent on you reaching and maintaining your score in the tag. From the central tag badges FAQ: My tag badge can't be revoked, like normal badges, right? Wrong. Tag badges, unlike normal badges, are automatically revoked upon a tag score ...


You downvoted a question on October 14 that has since been closed and deleted.

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