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Then I asked myself, what should I ask if I want to intentionally get that badge? Then you're asking yourself the wrong question. Not all badges are there for you to try and attain. Do you really want the whole world to know that a question of yours went completely unnoticed? Do you really think of that as something to brag about? Tumbleweed is there ...


Reading #2 is (almost) correct, your answer needs to have a score of 1 or more, but it doesn't need to accepted. Meta SE has a full list of badges and their descriptions - this is what it says about the Teacher badge: Teacher bronze; awarded once Receive a score of one on an answer The wording is ambiguous indeed - if you have a better ...


The badge only calculates positive reputation events for the day. Easy rule to follow: anything that is red (negative) will not be counted when calculating whether or not you hit the 200 mark, as far as the badge goes. The green (positive) events have some additional criteria, such as the association bonus and reversals not contributing to the badge check.

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