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Badges are not designed to be "fun". Every single one has a defined purpose1 (although some might be less obvious than others), but in general badges do one of 3 things (and some do more than one): Teach users about features of the site Encourage positive behavior Reward positive contributions to the site. I fail to see how a badge that is based on ...


Note - we don't currently have any badges for getting downvoted (except maybe "Peer Pressure", but that's for deleting a downvoted post - the positive part being that you deleted your bad post, not that you posted it in the first place, and "Tumbleweed" is sort of along these lines - but one might see that as more of a consolation prize, and having old ...


No, there are no badges given out for bug reports. If you find a serious security bug, you will be mentioned in the security hall of fame though. I would also not class this as a bug - a feed link to a non-existing tag gives back an empty feed, sounds right to me.

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