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You can use the /tags/{tags}/info StackExchange API and then get the count out of the JSON result For example passing SQL in for the tag for stackoverflow site gives this result { "items": [ { "has_synonyms": true, "is_moderator_only": false, "is_required": false, "count": 314791, "name": "sql" } ], "has_more": ...


The first two things can be answered without data.SE. Just search for [tagname] is:question and [tagname] is:answer and check the result count.


There's an issue with the join you are using between Posts and PostTags, use: p.Id = t.PostId: Try this one: SELECT Count(*) AS QuestionCount FROM Posts p JOIN PostTags t on p.Id = t.PostId WHERE t.TagId = 1589 AND p.PostTypeId = 1 -- Questions Edit: As stated in ...

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