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As @Cupcake mentioned, there's the Data Explorer. Although judging from your profile, you already know enough SQL to do it on your own, I went ahead and made the query myself since I was curious. Link to query here Code: SELECT TOP 100 p.Id as [Post Link], p.CreationDate as [Create Date], p.ClosedDate as [Close Date] from Posts p where ...


The oauth implemetation requires registering the client application; that will generate a client id and secret id You can register the client application here


The Data Explorer runs on a copy of the SE database, this copy is updated every week or so. To get the current reputation you would have to run the queries on the production database. Allowing random users to query the production database would obviously be a terrible idea.


Yes, there is the Stack Exchange API.


You can retrieve the whole body of a question or answer through the API. For example, here is your question retrieved through the API. You just need to adjust the filter so that it includes the body field. For more, see API docs.


You can register for an application-specific API token at the site: Upon registering, you'll be provided an API key which grants your app a much larger per-day request quota than using the API anonymously. The registration link is listed on the homepage, in the sidebar, together with the API documentation link and a link to manage any ...

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