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If you catch yourself writing "edit in progress" too often, then you're too preoccupied with being the first to answer. People will downvote your for that. It's fine to be first, but you need to write complete answers before hitting the submit button.


Do not submit incomplete answers without the expectation of said answer being poorly received. I understand the feeling of gotta submit fast to get the points, but, the fact is if your question doesn't answer the question or doesn't have an explanation, it's very likely going to be downvoted, thus defeating the purpose of submitting it asap, and ...


I believe that's almost always due to the answer itself being deleted (by the user, through review, or by a moderator) after you've loaded the page but before you've brought up the flag menu. The flag menu will respond to the state of the post at that moment, and only present relevant options. I usually recommend forcing a refresh of the page at that point ...


There's no need for this. In well-answered questions, you will see this already being done, using the tools available. Answerers already do this by mentioning pros/cons in their answer (you will notice good, experienced answerers doing this often) other users can point out advantages and weaknesses in comments A subsection would just add clutter to ...


Suggesting an edit with a clear reason and flagging the "answer" as NAA was the Right Thing. It appears the reviewer was more focused on amending portions of the original post - ideally they should have done an "Approve and Edit" instead of "Reject and Edit". I've converted the answer to an edit on the OP - so all's sorted.


YES if it is the same solution as yours and you didn't write your own answer already NO if you used a different approach. In any case upvote it if it could be helpful to others. Also please let a question stay a question, just modify it if you want to make it clearer to others, so people can search for questions too not only for solutions! If you have ...


Another combination ;-) Edit the code into the question And comment answers by the OP should also go into the question. then Mark the answer as not an answer


Summaries can be ok if they add a new concise viewpoint to what is a bunch of complicated answers, for example, or when they add a specific argument why one of the answers is better than the other. Mere copy & paste summaries like this one, however, are bad and should be downvoted. Perhaps even removal is warranted, given that it's basically a code only ...

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