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Fixed! Looks like there was a purging of old image files. This also affected android earlier this week (that one is also fixed). Thank you for the heads up!


Stack Exchange, Inc. has an internal sales team that handles the sales of banners on our sites, currently offering advertising on 16 sites: http://stackexchange.com/mediakit. We do not work with ad networks such as Google AdSense, or sell our inventory at remnant rates just to make a buck. We choose to work directly with reputable companies that are ...


Thanks for spotting this one! A fix is on the way and the campaign should be updated shortly.


I don't have my monitor set at a particularly high resolution, so the current advertisement on the list of Java questions takes up enough of my screen to make the site quite unpleasant to use. Having said that, I don't mind seeing such advertisements a few times. But once I have decided that I am not interested in developing my Java code in Visual ...


Personally, I would like to keep ads even if I do have a higher rep. The amount of ads on an SO page are really not that many. Instead I'd rather they presented me with better ads :).


My current (more than perfect) solution is AdBlock Plus.


First, please note this is not the first time this issue has been raised. To address a few of the points made: Since we started offering them, nothing has changed regarding how tag sponsorships are displayed. Up to five text links, 80 character max, 100x100 logo, 18x16 tag icon for trademark holders. They've always been a way for advertisers to reach both ...


My current (less than perfect) solution is to keep the questions page partially scrolled down, so that I get as many new questions as possible on my screen, and don't see the ad. The down side is not seeing the reputation changes and other useful links at the top of the page. BTW, if you must have this ad in the Java tag, you can at least eliminate the ...


Yes please. As it stands, the Sponsored Links box wastes valuable vertical space on a page that is an important tool for power users. (It could also use a looking-at by the design team.) Please do one of the following for power users (200+ rep or more, maybe 1000+?): move it to the right hand sidebar contract it vertically and make it expandable turn ...

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