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While I like @Mitchell Carroll's answer, that is incorrect. The clouds are due to an ad tag being implemented improperly. The error is fixed, so you will no longer see any happy clouds.


It's likely the result of someone who is very well versed in HTML and CSS, and also believes that SO deserves to run without ads. Instead of just straight donating to SO, they bought up an ad in order to contribute to SO's development and upkeep, while also preventing an amount of real (possibly invasive and annoying) ads from showing up on people's ...


As ChrisF notes, these aren't coming from us. We've received reports from users who have free Internet providers (at the cost of more ads), or really really crappy ISPs they actually pay, yet still inject ads. The trick in the second case is just use https:// when accessing the site. While you will see warnings about mixed content until we get everything ...


Stack Overflow doesn't do pop ads. So either: Your ISP is inserting ads into the pages it serves you. Your browser (or a toolbar/extension) is inserting ads. You have some other ad-ware on your computer. You aren't actually on Stack Overflow, but one of several sites that scrapes our content and mimics the site - apart from the ads.


I'll try and provide the clearest answer I can. Each ad campaign can have multiple flights (placements with different targets). The vote is specific to the flight that the ad was served from. When you downvote an ad, it will no longer show within that flight. However, if the same ad is in 10 different flights, you may be served the ad 10 times and need ...

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