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To date, I've experienced two use-cases that cause the cloud image to serve. A creative tag set up incorrectly on our side. This is easy to fix, as PEBKAC issues can be. The creative is serving outside it's intended geo. Basically: an advertiser generated a creative tag intended to target only the UK, but it is being served outside of the UK. I've ...


As it happens these popups kept coming after everything I tried and these were super annoying popups so I had to debug many non-https urls to figure what was causing it because all of my plugins installed were from verified publishers and then I didn't install any unnecessary applications on my system. So after sometime I still don't understand why google ...


Thanks for letting us know! You can do this here, or by flagging the listing on Careers. We've updated the tags, and will get with the client to see what might have happened and help them do better next time.

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