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My answer that it is not valid for a regular user to somehow embed a hidden link in a question, answer, comment or anything else. On the other hand, I'm OK with it if Stack Overflow (as the site operator) automatically edits link to collect referral money from Amazon or whoever. I would just want some disclosure - like Stack Overflow edited your link ...


All links to Amazon from Stack Overflow are automatically transformed to insert the Stack Overflow affiliate link. See Auto-Inserting Stack Overflow affiliate into all Amazon book links: To be clear: from this point on, all Amazon book links posted on all sites will automatically be rewritten to add our affiliate link. We have a clever affiliate redirect ...


Director of Ad Sales here. Thanks so much for pointing this out. We've paused the campaigns until the client can fix the issue.


Flag one of his answers, explaining the situation in the flag's reason. You can even link to this meta post in there, so the moderator that looks at your flag can weigh in on the discussion here. After some digging minor around, It appears that user is the "Product Manager" of that product. (Profile picture matches the product's team page's "Product ...

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