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Ah yes, thanks for pointing this out. We've spoken to the advertiser and have shifted this tag sponsorship to the more appropriate unity3d tag. (I'm an Ad Ops campaign manager at Stack Overflow)


The title accidentally wasn't getting quoted, so the browser was just using the first word. But I agree with you that the title is not useful. The job title and company name are right there on the ad and the hover text is more likely to block text that you're trying to read than to be helpful. So I've removed it, and it's live now. Thank you.


Unfortunately, there is no way to see a specific ad again. We've discussed building a "creative gallery" in the past of all current advertisers; however, as the ads are the property of the advertiser, we don't have the right to show them in places beyond the advertising agreement. Getting approval from each advertiser is difficult as many use ad agencies ...


You're not going to find some sidebar ads in the job search. Stack Overflow features a series of open source ads that users propose and vote on. Once they reach a score of +6, they will start showing up in the sidebar. You can find a list of all the currently running open source ads here: (Your ad wasn't ...


*edit* Apologies, I misread your question and assumed it was for a job ad, instead of a general product advertisement. My original answer below was in response to a job ad. For product/display ads (the ones that show up above the job ads), we use Adzerk for fulfillment. As far as I can tell, they unfortunately do not have a method in place to revisit a ...


I haven't been able to repro yet. However, those ads are actually served by Adzerk, not StackOverflow. In a few cases an Adzerk campaign will attempt to load an ad creative that we serve, but most are static assets also served by Adzerk. I'd be happy to take a look, but it would be helpful if the next time this happens you could post a screenshot of the ...


This should be fixed. Was an interim issue caused by some testing I was doing. Should've only lasted a few minutes. Thanks for reporting!

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