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based on this, Ads are using Flash once again i'm 95% certain I probably got an SO an ad which includes Flash. 1) so, for example if I deliberately go to some site that has flash shit, I get the identical message, absolutely the same 2) my laptops are professionally maintained in a very bare manner for security reasons 3) as i mention, coincidentally i'...


Erghhh.. yeah that's a bug. Teaches me right for only verifying in Chrome. Fix is going up now, thanks!


"How do I stop this from appearing?" Scan your PC for malware / Viruses. If that doesn't work, get a fresh installation of your browser. Ads like that aren't permitted by SO, and are probably originated from an issue on your end.


A long time ago, orange and blue were part of an A/B test. Actually, it was a four-way test which also featured a grey header and a "Careers 2.0" logo (the previous standard). Orange and blue performed the best, and roughly equal to each other, so we kept them both. There are tag-themed job ads which have a dedicated color scheme per tag, but the other ...

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