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Should I accept as answer the answer that actually solves the question I asked, and would be helpful to others in the future Yes. You would be doing a disservice to all of the people that come to the question looking for a solution to accept an answer that doesn't actually answer the question. That is what the feature is there for, to be an indication ...


Let's look at it like this. People ought to vote on questions and answers where appropriate, and people ought to accept the most helpful answer to their questions. That's clearly an important part of the site, as it steers people towards good content and away from bad content. And if everyone suddenly stopped doing these things, the site would be worse off ...


I'm not sure why you'd want to bother. The user is entitled to vote on and accept whatever answers they wish to, as well as the contrary - they don't have to vote on anything that they don't want to, either. It may be a bit of a surprise to see that a user like that doesn't accept or vote on content, but take solace in knowing that it's an outlier; there ...


A more visually distinct design is now in effect which may help users who find it difficult to identify slight difference in colors. Now posts having an accepted answer have a green background behind the answer count whereas a transparent background for post that dont have an accepted answer.


This has been implemented as a side effect of the great CSS unification of 2016.


Original plans for Meta proposed ditching the concept. Kyle Cronin had some ideas about changes to the SO engine to help it adapt from the Q&A; format discussion: ...remove accepting an answer... ~ From an old SO blog post. To answer your question: it means little more than all the meta bounties you might wish for.


In a word - no. Answers can always be "unaccepted", and different answers to the question accepted.


This is a really special case, and to draw meaningful ideas about a generic way to handle this situation from a response would be a mistake. You asked a question about a preview product, which was answered. Once a product, the product was updated to include the missing functionality. In other words, someone has to still be using the preview version. In ...


You might want to edit to explain why the answer is wrong or unsuitable, within the upvoted answer you have, and leave it up exactly where it is. If the answer were deleted instead, it is very possible that someone would come right back in and supply it—possibly from memory or cached copies of your own wrong answer! Though a "don't try this" answer could ...


What I recommend is to use a custom flag and explain that you'd like to remove your answer because it is wrong but can't because of the accept vote. We get flags like this all the time. Despite our reluctance to delete answers flagged as being incorrect by others, I almost always honor the requests made by the answerers themselves. Moderators can't judge ...

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