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Normally you should strive to correct the answer - this is one of the reasons why the Stack Exchange network allows communal edits. However there is a bit more to this one than it initially appears. Even if the answer was corrected there may be some discrepancies between different versions of the same browser, these differences should be included in the ...


Users are under no obligation to accept answers. It's often more useful for future visitors to check the answer(s) with the most upvotes rather than the answer that's been accepted as they might have got to the real problem.


The UI that's being used only allows you to mark your question as a duplicate. That's all the acceptance that needs to be done in this scenario. Outside of that, upvoting the answer that helped you the most would be ideal.


Tag badges are supposed to be hard to get. You're talking about making it drastically easier, which is hardly fair to all the people who have already obtained gold badges. If you want more badges, the solution is for you to do more, not to lower our standards for rewarding badges.


I don't see this as a link-only answer. It is saying read kb/910448 for an explanation for how to set up remote debugging. The answer has now been deleted (rather than converted into a comment) by a different mod. The result of this action is that a question that has gotten 2356 views no longer has a useful answer. How is that helping all the people that ...


I umm'd and ahh'd a bit when dealing with the flag in question: It's an attempt at providing an answer (albeit link only). It's nearly 6 years old. It's a link that's less likely to suffer rot than some others. It had three upvotes at the time. It was accepted. It already had a delete vote (presumably recently) so was also available for those with access ...


You are correct, this is link-only answer, and it does not qualify as a good answer. The answerer does not attempt to add any contextual meaning to the answer, so that future users can benefit from it. Even the link can be dead in future, and then this answer does not have any value. I am not 100% sure, but the only reason, I feel, why your flag is ...


I support this, although it'll be better that a +1 will be awarded if an accepted answer has 0 or less score. This way there will be no "extra" points for all accepts, just for those that classify for "Unsung hero" badge. Just add sum of accepted answers under a given tag that have 0 or less score to the amount of "tag score".


The whole reputation system is already biased towards high-traffic tags and it would be rather difficult to remedy that. Also, a well-researched and documented answer to a complex question can sometimes go unnoticed or receive few upvotes, while some answers to "duh!" questions rake in rep by the thousands. Case in point would be the answer to the highest ...


Outlier examples aside, is there some reason to believe that this effect is not already accounted for in the current badge thresholds? Badge requirements are already arbitrary to some extent anyway. Given that one can expect a certain percentage of accepted answers to fail to garner an up-vote (from the questioner or otherwise), it seems reasonable to me to ...

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