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Since you're not actually using the solution, and you don't think that it is a useful answer, you should not accept it. Accepting is for an answer that is, "the most helpful in solving your problem". This answer didn't help you solve your problem. Since you feel (reasonably strongly, by the sound of it) that it's not a helpful answer, you should downvote ...


After reading this meta post on plagiarism (Does SO detect plagiarism?), I've updated my edit with a footnote: [1] This section incorporates the answer from Eric P Now I feel more comfortable that my combined answer gives credit fairly. I still think Eric P should somehow be able to get upvotes for the combined answer, but this is at least an ...


You can post a comment in the wrong answers indicating the problem for future readers in the case that the OP don't accept the correct answer. And you can post a comment too in the OP answer. If the situation changes, you can delete your comments.


They might not be aware that they're allowed to accept their own answer, so I don't see anything wrong with a comment letting them know. This way you don't have to explicitly tell them to unaccept the other answer. Something along the lines of "Just FYI, you are allowed to accept your own answer to your question, since it contains the correct answer."

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