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I support this, although it'll be better that a +1 will be awarded if an accepted answer has 0 or less score. This way there will be no "extra" points for all accepts, just for those that classify for "Unsung hero" badge. Just add sum of accepted answers under a given tag that have 0 or less score to the amount of "tag score".


The whole reputation system is already biased towards high-traffic tags and it would be rather difficult to remedy that. Also, a well-researched and documented answer to a complex question can sometimes go unnoticed or receive few upvotes, while some answers to "duh!" questions rake in rep by the thousands. Case in point would be the answer to the highest ...


Outlier examples aside, is there some reason to believe that this effect is not already accounted for in the current badge thresholds? Badge requirements are already arbitrary to some extent anyway. Given that one can expect a certain percentage of accepted answers to fail to garner an up-vote (from the questioner or otherwise), it seems reasonable to me to ...


Judging from the reactions to this question I think it is safe to conclude that the attitude in the community towards this kind of initiatives is ranging from strongly negative to furiously negative.


Is there some greater utility to accepting answers that outweighs these drawbacks? It encourages people to answer the actual question being asked and not just the general case, which in turn encourages people to ask questions. How many people would post questions if they never got a solution to their problem? How often would people try to solve for ...


I like the feature request to have the highest voted question on top even if there is an accepted answer. With that said even before I started contributing on SO and was merely directed to it by google when looking for an answer I didn't just stop at the ✓ answer. I would read most if not all of the answer see different/alternate approaches and I would ...

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