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Yes you can, and you can prove it by unselecting the current answer and selecting this far superior answer.


You can absolutely cancel an accepted answer. Click the green checkmark to take away the "acceptance." Then you can mark any other answer as accepted. The person who's answer was un-accepted will lose the 15 reputation previously awarded, and you will lose the 2 reputation you got for accepting the answer.


I disagree. Users should have the ability to vote on posts, no matter whether it has an accepted answer or not. Why? Because if the question has an accepted answer and is helpful, I'd like to upvote the question because it's helpful. That's a positive sign towards the original poster. And I also want to be able to downvote questions with an accepted answer. ...


You made the post a Community Wiki post by checking a checkbox when you posted. You cannot get reputation for Community Wiki posts; the tooltip on the checkbox explains this: If this was a mistake, you can flag your post for moderator attention (use the other option) and request that they remove the CW status. You cannot get the reputation for the votes ...


You keep repeating that your real question here is, "should I keep helping?" Ok; here's your answer: If you want to. Since you seem to be unwilling to discuss particulars here, that's the only possible answer we can give. Actually, it's the only possible answer to that question we can ever give. If you don't want to help, then stop. If you want to help, ...


You only got one downvote on your answer at this point. You're reading way too much into one single vote for one single answer. If you enjoy providing answers and helping people, keep doing it. Also, if you care about your rep, you got +15 for getting your answer accepted, and -2 for the downvote. So you're still at +13 for this answer, even though it did ...

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