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Moderator nomination possibly useful statistics

I've made a feature request out of this

I found myself doing lots of clicking through to profiles to try and compare nominees with (what I consider to be) useful/interesting information.

I've cobbled together an Excel file with some metrics, may help you with your decision, and possible inspire the dev team to put together something like this to help inform the democratic process...

Google doc published as web page here: EDIT, no don't bother, just jump straight to the link in YiJiang's answer (and give him all the votes he deserves!)


  • Copy/pasted by hand, errors possible
  • Quite a few users show up in SO chat, but with zero participation
  • I did chat search by user name, not id, so some errors possible
  • Not too sure about my time zones...
  • The metrics chosen betray my own bias...

If you spot any glaring errors (i.e., not inherently unstable data), let me know. I may do something about it...

Can we squeeze a question out of this? :)

I'd be interested to know which of theses metrics you think are useful, and if you think they ought to be included automatically into nominee info in the election process.