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  • "Besonders hervorgehobene Stellen" sounds way too posh. Consider changing it to "Top Stellenangebote".

  • "Jobbezeichnung, Keyword oder Fir…" in the search box is cut off and contains "Keyword", which seems misplaced here. Maybe consider removing "Keyword" altogether or replacing it with "Tag". I'm sure most German speaking people would know what a tag is.

  • I'd write "Toptalente" as "Top-Talente".

  • "Company Spotlight" seems misplaced; maybe there's a better German term for this. "Unternehmen im Fokus" for example.

  • "Importieren Sie Ihren Daten problemlos von LinkedIn" should be "Importieren Sie Ihre Daten problemlos von LinkedIn"

  • "Verlinken Sie Ihr Profil mit Stack Overflow, GitHub, CodePlex und weiteren" is missing something after "weiteren". Consider adding "Seiten".

  • "450 € per 30-day programmer job listing (or less)" on /de/employer, as well as "Subscriptions start at 1.000 € for a 1-month subscription".

  • "Durchsuchen Sie von über 83.000+ Profilen von Top-Entwicklern […]" should be "Durchsuchen Sie über 83.000+ Profile von Top-Entwicklern […]"

  • "Uns liegt uns nichts an Ihrem Geld" sounds way off here. It's quite negative in my opinion. Consider replacing with "Wir möchten Ihr Geld nicht".