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Let me preface this by saying that anything that I indicate should stay, doesn't mean that I think it is appropriate for Stack Overflow (unless mentioned otherwise) and means that it shoukld stay, for now.

List of freely available programming books - Stay, and should stay for as long as people are putting effort into maintaining it. The first answer is well-maintained, the rest of the answers could use some cleanup.

What is the single most influential book every programmer should read? - Delete (note, the discussion around this is the one that sparked all of this in the first place). It's purely subjective. While it has a list of a lot of great books, it's like asking which shade of blue is the best (which we all know is cerulean BTW).

Hidden Features of C#? - As much as it pains me to say so, delete. The question is tagged . Why? And when the highest voted answer (which beats out the next highest-voted answer by 150+ votes) is not even directly related to C# (but rather, .NET), it's not a good sign. Additionally, this was last edited in July of 2010, and the language has evolved since then (which begs the question, why hasn't the main post been updated with new answers?). If one didn't want to delete it, then there should be one answer which is the accepted answer which has all of the features in it (and like other lists, the answers are deleted when edited into the accepted answer).

Hidden features of Python - I'm torn on this one. It was last updated recently (December of 2011) but has 200+ answers. Like above, there should be one answer that is accepted which has the features added in. If not, delete.

What IDE to use for Python? - Delete, it's purely subjective. Again, what is the best shade of blue?

What are the lesser known but useful data structures? - Delete. WTF is "cool"? I'm Cool Like Dat.

The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List - As I go through this list (top to bottom) this is the best example of something useful so far. Only 86 answers and content is edited into the main question (although I dislike the use of the term "definitive", I'd change that). Keep.

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/662956/most-useful-free-net-libraries - Delete. Again, as a .NET person, it pains me to say so, but there are examples of libraries that aren't as useful as they once were (case in point, the compression libraries that deal with zips are generally not as useful since the System.IO.Compressions namespace came about with .NET 2.0, although those libraries do still have some merit). If the list was better maintained, keep. Remove "most useful" if you must keep it.

Git for beginners: The definitive practical guide - Keep. This is structured more like a FAQ, and is invaluable, IMO. Doesn't try to be "the best" or "definitive", just structured and helpful. Not fun either. I couldn't find something wrong with this if I tried.

Learning to write a compiler - Delete - This question would be deleted immediately if posted today. Additionally, who the hell is writing compilers on a day-to-day basis (not many, I'd wager)? I'm not saying people don't but the audience that appeals to in a truly beneficial way is small. Additionally, it's not about a single language compiler, it's about any compiler (although it's preferred). Basically, it's about listing every single book that was written about compiler resources ever. Delete as "go to Amazon".

What is your most productive shortcut with Vim? - Delete - The accepted answer is some TL;DR meta-manifesto which obfuscates a tremendous amount of useful information, and beats out the next highest-voted answer by 1200+ votes (the animated gifs on the second-highest voted answer also annoy the crap out of me as well).

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2349378/new-programming-jargon-you-coined - Delete - This is just a bunch of people trying to brag. "Yo, did you see how I task-cancelled that bug report today?". And why is it tagged with ? Why does that tag exist?!?

Database development mistakes made by application developers - Keep, but barely (there's a delete vote on it now) - There's definitely valuable information here, but like the VIM question above, how do you wade through the first answer, let alone all the answers?

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/309300/what-makes-php-a-good-language - Delete - PHP is not a good language (deal with it). Just like no other language is a good language. It's about what you (and I mean a single individual, not everyone) can do with it.

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/114342/what-are-code-smells-what-is-the-best-way-to-correct-them - Delete (has seven delete votes currently) - Some useful information, but it's by no means applicable in a broad sense (and it's language-agnostic, which worsens the situation).

That all said, remember that deletions are not permanent and if a 10K user (or mod, or employee with a diamond) is willing to make the information available to someone so they can host it somewhere else, then do it with our blessing (just remember to attribute properly).