Generally, most actions taken by Stack Exchange Diamond Moderators are binding. However yesterday I discovered that this is not true in this single case.

Diamond Moderators have access to flagged posts from the Moderator queue as well as the /tools queue. While going through the /tools queue, there's an option to deem a flag as invalid - however this action is not binding - the flagged post still remains in the queue after marking it as invalid.

So why is this not a binding action? All other flags/action/votes such as spam/offensive, close votes done by a ♦ are binding, so I'm trying to understand why this is not.

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/tools is not designed with moderators in mind, and the whole invalid flag thing makes no sense in the context of a moderator.

The intention is for it to assist moderators in making decisions.

The invalid flag has special handling that bypasses the area where mods votes are binding. I do not see any real reason to fix this cause as a moderator you really should stay away from the /tools/flagged area, it offers nothing you can not achieve in the mod panel.

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All binding actions operate on the system of "If a ♦ does it, it counts as sufficient quantity to cause an action". In this case, this cannot be done for marking a flag as invalid from /tools.

Flags for "invalid flag" do nothing when they accumulate in quantity. They are like flagging a post as "not an answer" - it's just a moderator flag that indicates a suggestion of attention. Mechanically, it causes the flag resolution to be "disputed" rather than valid/invalid, but this occurs regardless of quantity. It is otherwise exactly in behavior like any other actual moderator attention flag - their lack of binding nature is because there is nothing for a moderator attention flag to have a threshold for such a binding action to apply to.

Take into account that "does not belong here" is no longer a moderator attention flag when it auto-converts to a close vote, and that spam/offensive are not moderator attention flags, in case you try to see a discrepancy.

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