I don't know whether this has been raised before, but I can't find a question on it so I'm raising it here.

I think there should least be a configurable option to change the behavior of the Stack Exchange inbox. I like that I'm told that I have (say) 4 new 'notifications' waiting for me, but I have 2 issues with the behavior.

  1. When I click on the Stack Exchange dropdown and go to inbox, those 4 new 'notifications' are not highlighted. Am I just to assume that the 4 most recent are the new ones? It would be very convenient if they were highlighted.

  2. When I click on one of the links and go to a reply or something, suddenly my 'new notifications' drops to zero. I only visited one of the notifications... I still want to know what the other 3 were! Argh. Could we have it so that the new ones are highlighted, and when I click one, it becomes un-highlighted, but doesn't mark all new notifications as if they had been read?

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