This has already been raised on Meta Super User but as it affects Server Fault as well I thought I'd raise it here too.

Stack Overflow style footer:

Stack Overflow footer

Super User/Server fault footer:

Super User footer

The latter has a link to doctype which is "taking the space" of webapps and gaming on the other footer.

The beta sites have a multiline footer, so lack of space isn't (or at least shouldn't be) an issue.

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I see that, but what link do you want them to take off to put those two on? –  C. Ross Oct 7 '10 at 12:12
We have one more problem here… –  pramodc84 Oct 8 '10 at 4:15
@pramodc84 - the links seem OK now. –  ChrisF Oct 8 '10 at 7:40
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Now fixed on both sites.

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