There are Firefox plugins out there that do search on stackoverflow using search engine. What I would be interested in is searching from Firefox search box using Google for only content.

The way I see it, this would still use Google as search engine, but would add automatically to every query.

Maybe this can be done by adding a new search engine to Firefox that uses original Google engine as default?

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Duplicate of… (with many good answers) –  Arjan Feb 10 '10 at 22:38
You are right. Now I'm ashamed :/ :) –  JaanusSiim Feb 11 '10 at 0:24
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2 Answers

Bookmark a Google search where you have used,
e.g. CPU

Then edit the bookmark (menu Bookmarks/Organize Bookmarks.../Bookmarks Menu/<select the bookmark - it is at the end>):

  • Fill out the keyword field. E.g. with "so".
  • Replace the word you used in the original search (CPU in the example above) with %s.

Now searches in Stack Overflow can be done directly from the address bar, e.g.:

so wix installer

(F6 toggles focus to the address bar.)

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Just add a search shortcut for:
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