It is (currently) not possible to tag answers. Yet, if I query Data Explorer, then one answer does have a tag, namely javascript. I'm at a loss: how did that happen?

SELECT Id, Tag FROM Posts, PostsTags 
WHERE Posts.PostTypeId = 2 AND Posts.Id = PostsTags.PostId

Edit: The are also five answers (207, 936, 950, 111111 and 512673) with a view count of 1 instead of 0:

SELECT Id, ViewCount FROM Posts WHERE PostTypeId = 2 AND ViewCount <> 0

These results also hold through at least January 10.

  : PostTypeId = 2 means that the post is an answer, not a question (PostTypeId = 1).

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3 Answers

It's not possible through the interface, but you are talking about a database, that can be manipulated directly.

Most likely a test they did in the past, that they forgot to remove

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That post points to this answer.

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I linked to that answer as well. The question is: what makes it so special? –  Stephan202 Feb 4 '10 at 20:03
Great question. Didn't see your link to it in your post. The trick is to retag the question and see if that affects anything. :-) –  George Stocker Feb 4 '10 at 20:06
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Could this be a sub product of an hypothetical question/answer merge?

Otherwise, this might be a good old plain bug.

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