So, the excerpt for starts out "Google Cloud Messaging is a service to allow data to be sent remotely to Android applications." Good stuff! It's sponsored. Got 460+ questions and 30-some followers. Etc.

Unfortunately, a very similar phrase is used for and ! These have another bunch of questions and followers! (960+ unique and 45+ for the former, 1400+ and 120+ for the latter.) This is far from ideal, since, for all the world, these appear to be exactly the same technology, but they're splitting up more than three thousand questions between them.

Looks to me like an excellent candidate for automatic batch retagging and synonymizing. Specifically, merge both the others into the sponsored one. The situation was partially recognized in Merge GCM and google-cloud-messaging tag, but only two of the three involved tags were noticed, and the proposal seems to be a recycled question that didn't get much attention at the time and has not been updated since then. And in Sponsored Tags and Tag Synonyms, the assumption was that a (now closed as off-topic) MSE question would handle the actual merging that the question was considering in the general case.

Nobody is (was) commenting or answering, just upvoting. That says enough ;-) –  Jan Doggen Jan 5 at 10:07
They're same technology and most of the questions are similar. But there's already a request here -… –  noob Jan 5 at 14:35
@noob: Yes, I noted that specifically in my post and explained why the previous request was inadequate. So while one of these posts is arguably a dupe of the other… I'm not at all sure it's this one. –  Nathan Tuggy Jan 5 at 15:01

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