With the addition of careers and SO being used on CV's etc, it might be an idea to add a few things to a user's profile:

  • Quartile: e.g. foo is in the top 4% of SO users

This could actually be extended (maybe extra features unlocked either by reputation or possibly by payment) so that more analysis can be done:

  • foo is in the top 10% of responders in the C# tag
  • 75% of bar's questions have been tagged plzsendtehcodez
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You might look at what Ohloh.net does; I think they've setup a decent ranking system with nice visuals. Of course, given that they currently rank me just above Andrew Morton, I must admit they might have some issues with the ranking itself.

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The top responders thing can be seen in the tag stats. The other stat can be simply queried from StackQL. I don't see much use for it personally.

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It's true that you can see this stuff in the tag stats - I think that more detailed and available stats for non-programming SO users (i.e. recruitment consultants, prospective employers etc) is still a good idea –  oxbow_lakes Oct 25 '09 at 12:40
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