On this post, I left a comment in response to another comment. When I posted the response, the other comment's author had a display name of "vwvwvwvwvwvwvwvwvw" and I started my comment with "@vwvwvwvwvwvwvwvwvw". Since then, the other display name has changed to "Vivek Warde". Now my comment has a stale (nonsensical-looking) reference to a non-existent user name. My comment is long past the age for editing, so there isn't much I can do about it.

In this particular case, it's obvious to whom I'm responding, but in longer comment threads, an orphaned user reference might be very confusing for someone trying to read through the comments. After all, it's conceivable that over time two users in the same comment thread might even exchange display names!

Would it be possible to enhance SO so that when a user changes his or her display name, all comments that have links to that name are automatically edited so that the name references track the name change?

I have felt the confusion of this myself a few times. At the same time, I can see this being low priority since comments are second-class citizens around here... But I would hope this can be done at some point! –  Kendra Aug 28 at 18:23
It would probably be horribly expensive, since username tags in comments are just plain text and aren't linked to a specific account. There could also be ambiguity if a second person by the same name got involved in a conversation, and then one changed their name. –  Andrew Medico Aug 28 at 18:47
Yeah, unclosable dupe that's now on meta.se. –  Will Aug 28 at 18:54
@AndrewMedico - Somehow the engine can parse and disambiguate such references when comments are entered, since targets get notified of responses in their inboxes. Perhaps it would be very expensive to apply this retroactively, but since the parsing is going on anyway, I don't see how it would be such a huge deal if the parse results were captured and used for comment maintenance. –  Ted Hopp Aug 28 at 19:23
Just for reference how comment replies work –  rene Aug 28 at 20:05
The post that @rene references also has a very highly-rated comment asking for this behavior -- Since we're already doing the calculation to decide what user it is, go ahead and encode that decision into an unambiguous userID notation –  Gus Aug 28 at 22:23
If we can have some statistics on how many users changes their displayname per day/week/month we get an idea how big this problem really is... my bet is: it is a relative minor annoyance with a lot of potential to waste many dev hours on it... –  rene Aug 28 at 22:49
@AndrewMedico: Doing this effectively would basically require adding one field to the Comments table, containing the user ID of the @-notified user (or NULL). Then, when a user changes their name, fetch a list of old comments notifying the user and schedule a background job to update them. (I'd also consider adding another field for the offset of the relevant @ in the comment, or somehow mangling the comment text to make sure I can always unambiguously identify the correct username to change, even if the comment has many @ signs and/or the user has previously chosen an ambiguous name.) –  Ilmari Karonen Aug 29 at 13:03
To be honest, SE needs to totally ovrerhaul the comments system, it needs rebuilding from the ground up –  Sammaye Aug 29 at 13:26
It's also possible to delete a comment entirely, which can then leave a similarly orphaned reference in a following comment to a user name for which there are no comments, but it would be entirely non-obvious to the casual reader why or how that happened, and since the context of the comment itself is lost then the following comment is left potentially stranded. –  ClickRick Aug 29 at 13:57
@ClickRick - Yes, and that's exactly what my comment in the post I referenced looks like, until you read the substance of the two comments and realize that they are a coherent conversation. If comments had a structure in which user references had semantic value, the system could even use special highlighting to distinguish references to ex-participants. It wouldn't cover all cases, but would improve the usability of the comment system. –  Ted Hopp Aug 29 at 15:29
Not really on point, but the principle of this problem is the reason I reference other users in non @username situations, by [<username>](http://<SE site>.com/users/<userid>) –  user66001 Aug 30 at 3:02
why not set-up the system to pull a <user_id> not set by the user and unchangeable and use that to pull the <user_name> which is set by the user and can be changed to prevent the possibility of orphaned comment references. –  Jdoonan Aug 30 at 5:43
I think I have better idea: Make tree out of the comment section. Every reply, is growing out of the reply's target. –  KugBuBu Aug 31 at 15:48

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