I wish to know what is the difference between very low quality and unclear flag.

I flagged 2 questions, question 1 and question 2 as very low-quality.

Now, both my flags have been declined but both of the above questions are on hold now (they are on hold for being unclear).

So, what points should be taken into consideration while flagging :-
a) question as very low quality
b) question as unclear

Also, is there so much a subtle difference between the two that the very low-quality flag will be declined if the question is instead unclear

I agree. The distinction between these 2 flags is unclear. – Paul Crovella Aug 25 '14 at 14:17
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Both of those are poor questions, but they at least form coherent sentences. They both need a lot more information from the OP before they can be answered, and one is likely off-topic. Putting them on hold as "unclear what you're asking" is the right choice until more information is given.

Only flag posts as "very low quality" when there's no chance of salvaging them. If a post looks like someone pounded their keyboard, or like it was run through every language in Google Translate before submission, go ahead and flag as VLQ. This flag is only for posts that we can delete immediately without waiting on more input from the OP, so please only use it when you can't make any sense at all out of a post.


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