There are several commonly known products referred to as "unity". These include:

Currently the tag refers to the .NET IoC container. However, it seems that a lot of the questions regarding , and get falsely tagged with . It's quite a lot of "unnecessary" work to edit a few questions daily to fix the tags.

I suggest renaming the tag to or something the like (...) and removing the tag completely (and for ever).

PS: if you go looking for "wrongly assigned tags" you won't find that many (recent ones) because i just fixed a bunch of them:

Yep, this is not just a problem on Stack Overflow ... –  Bart Aug 25 '14 at 7:54
MS seems to have a hard time deciding on an official name. The documentation home calls it Unity Container, Unity and Unity Application Block. The release notes of v3 do the same thing. –  Stijn Aug 25 '14 at 8:13
I'm surprised it doesn't also get confused with the Ubuntu desktop environment of the same name. (That's the first thing I think of!) –  sevenseacat Aug 25 '14 at 11:29
@sevenseacat: you're right. thanks. It does happen: –  BatteryBackupUnit Aug 25 '14 at 12:33
Good suggestion. The MSDN summary page says "Unity is a lightweight, extensible dependency injection container...". So, "unity-di" gets my vote. –  Jason Nov 5 '14 at 9:27
I've retagged a few left misstagged posts. Spot-checking a 100 posts did not reveal any further miss tagged posts. Could a mod now please rename [unity] to [unity-di] so this can be put to bed? Thanks. –  BatteryBackupUnit Jan 24 at 8:16
I just tried clearing out the unity question from unity3d ones, and it seems like a loosing battle. Clearly something should be done about that. –  Max Yankov Mar 1 at 10:20
possible duplicate of Rename [Unity] tag –  Andy Mar 10 at 0:15
Yes please! I just reviewed the newest [unity] questions, and the first three should have been tagged [unity3d]. (Unfortunately I can only suggest edits, not actually make them ... need 700 more rep before I can retag without someone else's help.) –  yoyo Mar 23 at 19:34
There is also the gamedev stack exchange site -- arguably questions about unity3d should be directed there. (Where, to confuse things further, the tag is simply "unity" -- –  yoyo Mar 23 at 21:42
This concern is almost a year old now, and there is still the "confusing plain unity" tag. How to make progress here? Who can/should change it? –  d4Rk Jul 25 at 8:58
@d4Rk well i've been thinking about this several times so far. The only way that i know which might escalate things further is: 1st make sure that all posts are correctly tagged, 2nd immediately flag this post for moderator attention and ask him to do the tag-renaming. –  BatteryBackupUnit Jul 26 at 6:31
@d4Rk i just went over last few months [unity] questions, re-tagged where necessary, and flagged this question for moderator attention. –  BatteryBackupUnit Jul 26 at 6:49
@BatteryBackupUnit Ok that's what I do either, it's somehow also nice to get some rep of doing so, but that's definitely not the intention of stackoverflow, I guess.. –  d4Rk Jul 26 at 8:26

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