Isn't this a little ridiculous?

Accepted answer at -12, next answer at +25

I don't link to the question out of which this screenshot was taken on purpose, and I stripped all text, because it would only muddle the situation.

Is this the desired, correct behavior of the site?


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What, specifically, do you have a problem with? That users can accept an answer with radically lower votes? That people can downvote an accepted answer? That accepted answers are at the top regardless of score? That the answer can only be deleted by a mod? FYI all of those questions are duplicates. –  Servy Aug 22 '14 at 17:21
To answer the question: depending on who you ask, it's funny. Or at least I can see what you are saying. edit I think it has nothing to do with how the site works, however. And I wouldn't say 'ridiculous', but it's funny. –  naxa Aug 22 '14 at 17:22
well the community thinks the answer is bad, but the user found it to be an acceptable solution..... a weird case, but not impossible –  Patrice Aug 22 '14 at 17:23
Yes. The checkmark is the OP's choice, which can be different from the community's choice. The signal is clear to a new visitor which answer was helpful to the asker, and which one was more helpful in general. –  Infinite Recursion Aug 22 '14 at 17:25
@Julldar: Useless answers rarely go below -2 or so. To have an answer at -10, your advice usually needs to be genuinely harmful or at least considerably offensive or fundamentally wrong. –  SF. Aug 22 '14 at 17:31
I agree with what you say, NORMALLY... I guess we're hitting one of the border cases where the "normally" isn't working. –  Patrice Aug 22 '14 at 17:33

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Accepting an answer with negative score, or downvoting an accepted answer are both reasonable. There's not a problem there.

The only real problem I could see here is that the bad -- but accepted -- answer is first.

And that has been asked.

Can we exempt downvoted accepted answers from getting the top spot?

Why are negative score accepted answers still at the top?

In particular, see this answer:

First off, excellent suggestion, thanks for writing this up. We discussed this extensively internally, and while I'm declining it right now I don't think it's without merit - it's just not something we think is worth the added complexity right now.

What follows is a rough summary of our internal discussions, heavily biased by my own prejudices and selective memory.

FYI, I agree with you. I am strongly in favor of not putting accepted answers with negative votes ahead of answers with positive votes.

But that's pretty much where that stands.


It might surprise you, but when talking about the sort order, yes, I think this is ridiculous.

I no longer believe that accepted answers should be sorted above more highly community-voted ones. I think we should change the sort order so that acceptance does not affect sort order, and answers are only sorted based on community votes. At best, the acceptance should act as a tiebreaker in sort order.

What answer has been accepted as meeting the needs of the asker is already extremely visible, due to the green checkmark. Why should one person be able to override the voting of the community and promote solutions that might be worse than others?

Even when Shog9 argued against changing this here, he noted that over 10% of questions with an accepted answer had other answers more highly voted than the accepted one. I can tell you that this is a source of constant confusion for users, who complain via flags almost daily that the wrong answer is being sorted ahead of better ones. All we can do is decline these flags, since we can't (and shouldn't) change acceptance votes. I've also seen many good developers complain about this on Twitter, and say that we are harming programming by promoting wrong answers.

Acceptance votes should not cause posts to be sorted above others, except as a tiebreaker on equally-voted posts.

totally breaking "nice social contract" as Jeff used to call accept may be too risky and can eventually result in even more complaints than you think are there now, "y u hide wat halped asker most???" I wouldn't mind to change all three current tabs (active, oldest, votes) to ignore accept but it probably would be just safer in that case to add another one, to show old-fashioned order with accepted answer on top –  gnat Aug 22 '14 at 19:08

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