This question is not duplicate to this post as in that question they were some errors that used to be displayed while browsing SO on a secure site. Whereas I do not get any such errors on my Internet Explorer browser v11.0.9

After following this post I agree that https is not yet fully accomplished but when I manually enter https instead of the http in the Internet Explorer I get the SO site(I don't get any errors like incomplete HTTPs or the browser complaining about invalid secure connection etc.), But in some cases when I click on some topic in page /chat then It again migrates me to the default http site.

How can control this auto migration? Isn't there any way that I can only load https only everywhere on SO


There is no SE provided way to accomplish this. However, you could write your own script to change any http link to https. Or you could find a browser plugin, like HTTPS Everywhere, to do it for you.


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